FREE Tibet & Taiwan : Thank you The People's Republic of China for deciding to Free Tibet & Taiwan in 2018 : Sunilism

FREE Tibet : Thank you The People’s Republic of China for deciding to Free Tibet & Taiwan in 2018
By Sunil Sharma


The birth of “The Democratic Republic of Tibet and Taiwan” and “The Democratic Republic of China” by 11 March 2018 by Worldwide Collective Boycott of China based Products and Services, Sunilism:”

The People’s Republic of China Government has taken a lession as per the appeals of Mr Obama US President, Australian Prime Minister Hon Julia Gillard and Secretary General of United Nations. Even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has send her good wishes to Chinese Government for keeping their promises as her majesty Queen has kept her own promise by handing over Hong Kong to The People’s Republic of China.

This is a great decision appreciated by the people around the world who do love their own freedom and others in a same manner.

This is a vision and achievement of Freedom to Tibetian and Taiwanese People.. Long Live Free Tibet.
FREE Tibet !! …. FREE Taiwan !!
This followings were in the past !!

On the 20th Anniversary of Tienanmen Square Massacre of hundreds of Democratic protesters were crushed by Red Army and its tanks. Those youth had a dream to see a free, fairer and prosperous motherland, a society where there is no corruption in Government, independent judiciary and its people rejoicing their rights, responsibilities and obligations. They tried their best to voice it but the evil Communist Chinese Government’s continued suppression of its lovely people and continued Human Rights Gross Violation. Let us give tributes to those who raised the voice of protest of unjust practices of the Corrupt Communist Chinese Government ( CCCG).

What next ? This article tries to analyses and recommends the over all blue print on how to respond to the Evil Communist Chinese Government’s ever expanded tentacles’ to stop taking advantage of the different democratic countries and its people all over the world, this disease just like plague is spreading to make people “Corrupt”.
If you think that it is not related or affecting you today , think carefully it will eventually affect you horrendously.

1. Best Chinese Dictator’s Corruption Tactics: You The Consumer

You are dependent on the same evil Chinese Government’s products and services and by buying those you are supporting financially to the monster government in China which will buy the best business of your country like Real estate/ Construction companies, mineral resources companies producing Oil and Gas, Coal , Minerals, Iron & Steel, Uranium, whether it is United States of America (USA) , United Kingdom (UK), Australia or any African Country.

2. Best Chinese Dictator’s Corruption Tactics: Buy Economic Foundation of USA and other countries

It’s well known that US treasury bonds have already been bought by the Chinese Government and would keep their interests and would use the money as a threaten tool to withdraw their money at a most opportunist time to flounder the US economy, as and when they feels necessary. The US economy will be at the mercy of the Chinese dictators, if they feel any pressure for the human rights violations in China territories they would take their investment in US treasury bond out and would effect the US economy adversely as if you take one pillar out of the secure physical structure like a tall building it has to fall if no supporting pillars in place.

USA and Australia now recognize that Chinese Government is having a dominant position economically and their dependence of so called cheaper imports from the China. But they have to pay the price later as all manufacturing jobs have already moved and still moving to China. China will thrive under this environment due to more jobs and increased industrial activity.

3. Best Chinese Dictator’s Corruption Tactics: Buy strategic overseas key Military resources -Uranium

In Australia, Chinese Government is also buying the Rio Tinto the resource company and would even buy all the North Australia’ rich for Uranium used for Nuclear Arms . The Uranium supplies from Australia will enhance the Nuclear Capabilities of the Chinese’s Red army’s arsenal and future stocks levels.

4. Best Chinese Dictator’s Corruption Tactics: Buy Politicians Secretly – Both Sides – Opposition and Government

Apart from their foreign critical investment in Real estate/ Construction companies, Minerals Resources and Energy sectors like Oil and Petroleum and Uranium, they have also used their companies across the globe to give massive political donations to both sides of the main parties as they want there companies to get all the best contracts and support from the different governments. The Republicans and The Democrats both get the political donations in USA. So when your own political representatives and their political parties receive hidden and public political donations from local Chinese building or resources companies owned directly and or indirectly by Corrupt Chinese Government, your selected politicians become biased start giving them building and uranium mining contacts due to accepting money.

They have had also used the extensive funding as a Chinese company donations to the both side of politicians whether The Democrats or The Republicans. They don’t mind paying to both parties as it guarantees them the ongoing influence irrespective of who you choose to bring in political power. The both the rival parties also know of the political donations to the other part so they just keep quite.

4. Best Chinese Dictator’s Corruption Tactics: Rule the Whole World

The corrupt dictators of the China will be superpower within 5 years due to their economic stability and huge Nuclear arsenals and capability of their red army.

If USA the only superpower loses if Currency US dollar due to dependance of Chinese Treasury Bonds and other Chinese key investments and rampant import of Chinese Goods and Services it is going to be bankrupt like General Motors and would be crippled due to massive devaluation of the US Dollar and en-ability to pay loans to over-seas Chinese dictators. Thus, China due to its much better financial position and Nuclear Army capabilities will become the only real super power. They have already made their their way to UN Security council on recommendation of USA as ordered by Chinese dictators as a bargain.

In conclusion, you have to stop this spreading corruption among the consumer feeding Chinese Goods, Politicians taking bribes called political donations to sell their own country, motherland, fatherland to corrupt communist Chinese Politicians. Take control of your country to your own people and buy local and save jobs and future slavery at the hands of Chinese dictators. Please follow the next section your blueprint to defeat corrupt Chinese dictators now !

Blue Print : To Defeat Corrupt Chinese Dictator Government:

The birth of “The Democratic Republic of Tibet” and “The Democratic Republic of China -Taiwan” by 11 March 2016 by Worldwide Collective Boycott of China based Products and Services, Sunilism:”

Do you want to stop the evil Communist Chinese Government’s continued suppression of its lovely people and continued Human Rights Gross Violation and it’s continued interference in destroying democratic governments across the world by giving huge hidden political donations to both parties ? It was found that the Corrupt Communist Chinese Government has it tentacles spread even up to the White House in United States; investigations discovered that the both American main Political Parties Democrats and Republicans were given huge political hidden donations from Chinese Government through prominent Chinese business operating on US soil to keep the mouth of politicians shut and not to take any military actions or any business sanctions against them to jeopardized their moneytary ( Financial) interests. However as a public relations exercise, on that occasion US president Mr Clinton snubbed visiting last Chinese President Mr Zhang Hongliang for the Human Rights Violations in Tibet and China. But it is not adequate, no business sanctions were imposed.
But recently, US Secretary of States , Mrs Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to China ( Feb 2009) now acknowledged that under the current financial environment the Human Rights Violation in Tibet and China has no bearing on the economic joint programs. Now amidst the Financial Crisis and Western Economic meltdown, china is creating rather more serious threat due to its reluctance to appreciate Yuan against the US dollar, so that China is selling more and more to USA and other country and becoming economically more powerful and militarily more advanced. Chinese Government also have direct investment in USA having purchased Billions of Dollars of USA treasury bonds which they can sell if wanted to their advantage. But Chinese economy is not either secure either by western economic crisis, lately, the weaker demand is also creating the job losses in China factories which are started to close as volume of orders drying up from overseas and started affecting the bottom line. So that is the catch, here.

Yes, we the freedom loving democratic people and the various Governments around the World can achieve it collectively NOW! The people of World collectively need to help the loving people of Tibet and China to fight the injustice and restore full freedom by awakening of desire for their own democratic rights and freedom to live their life honorably and grow peacefully. Evil Communist and their henchmen are handful and not very large in numbers and can not rule over the 1.2 Billions of freedom loving people. The best thing these masses can do is to stop fearing the hunch men. The sacrifice have to be made by some of the more loving people for the right democratic cause to achieve full freedom and rule of the democracy will be restored by 11 March 2016.

This task is achievable before the given target date of 11 March 2016 provided The people of the World , The People of Tibet and China , Various Government all over the World and United Nations (UN) unite in their resolve to oust the Corrupt Communist Chinese Government (CCCG). The roles of each party mentioned here are outlined for your quick reference.

On 50th Anniversary of Tibetan democracy crackdown and share the sacrifices of the brave Tibetans who lost their life and thousands who become homeless like Dalai Lama and his followers in exile, let us show our heart and give our love and compassion to the comrades for not accepting the unlawful rule in Tibet. As Actor Richard Gere said if Black president can happen in America why not Dalai Lama become future president of China. The American people have awaken now and now it the time for awakening for the Chinese Government this will surely happen in our lifetime NOW!

British Government ( United Kingdom) made a historical mistake to hand over their colony of Hong Kong to Corrupt Communist China . British Government (UK) should have more diplomatic for the sake of stability of the Planet Earth by linking the hand over and leaving of the Hong Kong for the Republic of China at the expense of Chinese Communist leaving Tibet as a reciprocal basis. This means if corrupt Communist Chinese dictator did not leave The republic of Tibet means no British Government Hand over of Hong Kong to China. As simple as that. But lets not dwell on when the milk has already spilled. What can be done now ! Still war is not lost yet. The desire of the Democracy will oust the Corrupt Communist Chinese Government (CCCG).

The roles of each party mentioned here are outlined for your quick reference It is time for the people of World to awaken, unite in their collective resolve to boycott Chinese product and service and say no to injustice in China and Tibet done by incompetent Chinese communist government led by few individuals and their hunch men. Please note that Tibetans have stood against the evil empire and were systematically crushed, gunned , destroyed , rendered homeless, prosecuted and displaced & replaced by other Chinese people brought to replace the Tibetans and their mouth were closed forcibly to suffocate and die. Enough of it from the patriotic peace loving Tibetans, However, they may be small in number but Tibetans still have resolve to fight the injustice till their last breath. The great people of the World have enough and would not like to be manipulated by evil Chinese Communist Empire any more. Evil Empire in China has to move aside. There are handful of evil communist and their corrupt supporters and they are creating fear to their own Chinese masses of over 1.2 Billion peoples. This can not allowed to be continued. British made a mistake to hand over Hong Kong to Corrupt Communist China lost a great opportunity to have a condition of leaving Hong Kong at the expense of Communist leaving Tibet . Never the less, the Tibet and China will be free of the corrupt Chinese government and it will happen in 3 years time by 11 March 2018 as the target date for the establishment of Democratic Republic of China and Democratic Republic of Tibet to be establish for a new world order.

Lets the people of the world unite and accept no more injustice by Chinese Communist Dinosaurs of the past era.

What a common person (out side China and Tibet ) has to do achieve this goal of restoring Democracy in Tibet and China?

1. Boycott all the Chinese products and Services originating from the Republic of China because it is made by slave poor Chinese labor and your money goes to strengthen the muscle of the corrupt Chinese Communists.
2. If you see Made in Republic of China on any label you buy any product in market, shopping Centre or on the Internet do not buy it and lobby against it.
3. Do not wear the clothing, foot wear for your day to day use made in China rather buy form the locally manufactured suppliers products
4. Do not Eat the imported Chinese Package Food and other Goods
5. Stop the demand of the Chinese Products and Services which will break the backbone of the Corrupt Communist Chinese economy. If there is no money the Corrupt Communist Chinese Government (CCCG) will find it useless to have Over 1.2 billion people living as slaves in China.
6. Give your love, appreciation, support and help to the struggling Tibetan and Chinese people world over.

What is the role of my own Government to fight Corrupt Communist Chinese Government Injustice (out side China and Tibet ) and achieve this goal of restoring Democracy in Tibet and China?

1. Our responsible Government in each part of the World need to limit business dealings to minimum which is 5 % of the current level of trade of importation with the Corrupt Communist Chinese Government (CCCG)
2. Our responsible Government in each part of the World should send human rights groups to monitor the oppression in the Tibet and China.
3. Encourage Tibetan and Chinese people to move freely and even controlled migration to live and experience the different countries of the World for living standard, democracy and liberty.
4. United Nations should recognize The Democratic Republic of Tibet as a free country and all the governments of all the nations in the world should recognize it.
5. Recognize “The Republic of China” as “The Democratic Republic of China”.
6. Do not allow your Government or its any of the party accepting business donations by the Corrupt Communist Chinese Government (CCCG) through its business companies. E.G. In USA Chinese Government gave business corporate donations to Democrats and Republicans alike. They were also beneficiary of the presidential pardon to their corrupt business partners by the outgoing US presidents like Mr Clinton and Mr Bush
7. Demand Nuclear Arms Free Tibet and China as Nuclear capability can be danger to the World Stability and peace in Asia.

What is the effective role of United Nations ( UN ) to fight Corrupt Communist Chinese Government (CCCG) injustice and achieve this goal of restoring Democracy in Tibet and China?

1. Sack the Current Corrupt Communist Chinese Government (CCCG) from the Security Council as it did not represent it people and it is the treat to the stability of the World due to the large nuclear arsenal and their re-enty on the condition of, maintain Nuclear Free Zone in Asia
2. United Nations ( UN ) ought to recognize it for the justice and security of the Planet Earth and allow to elect Dalai Lama as the president of Democratic Republic of Tibet and China.
3. United Nations should recognize The Democratic Republic of Tibet as a free country and all the nations in the world should recognize it.
4. Democratic elections in Tibet and China by by 11 March 2018 with United Nations, international observers and independent media.

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This message is the part of Sunillism by Sunil Sharma

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FREE Tibet & Taiwan : Thank you The People's Republic of China for deciding to Free Tibet & Taiwan in 2018 : Sunilism


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