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Fathers Divine Intervention to Worthy Son and Super Human Kapil Sharma – A Stand up Comedian & Host

Fathers Divine Intervention to Worthy Son and Super Human Kapil Sharma – A Stand up Comedian & Host– Sunilism@ A way to loving life
Dr Sunil Singh Sharma Founder of Sunilism @ A way to loving life
Sydney Australia Email :
Allow me to introduce myself, I do not like the Hindu caste system of untouchability so from today I am dropping my Surname Sharma and using My Name as Sunil Singh, a Sikh – means who is prepared to learn right things and is non-discriminatory by not using very unpopular Hindu caste system which is dividing Hindu community and people are laughing at us and it is a curse indeed.
Surprisingly my name Sunil Sharma is a combination of Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover which makes it Sunil Sharma means I am a kind of bridge between two of you friends.
Sikhism has very rich tradition of Equality within most sacred Guru Granth Sahib ji. AS Mahatma Gandhi fought for remove untouchability of Dalits and discriminatory treatment throughout all times, we are responsible to stop this immediately and make it history. My humble suggestion to Saint Honourable Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi should decide himself to be called Mr Narendra Singh or Mr Narendra Kumar. It should be illegal to be identified with surname which give impression of caste based system. Caste based system is old and totally obsolete. Sikhism is open to all religions Hindu, Muslims, and Christians. At least 4 Sikh gurus gave their heads protected forced conversion of Hindus by, Mangolian Mughal Emperors and also by cruel Aurangzeb.
Hereby, I am writing about helping my brother Mr Kapil Sharma best stand-up comedian a divine intervention in his hard times for him to come out victorious in his time of hardship when everyone misunderstood him for some or other reasons. Kapil you have got special powers of touching with peoples sentiments and help make them laugh and heal with diseases like depression , anxiety, panic attack..etc. I did watch your Sydney Australia show: you sad that Dadi ( Ali Asgar) had problem at the Sydney Airport as he entered gent’s restrooms with a lady’s attire.
Kapil Sharma , do you know the meaning of your name Kapil means “KAPI” means Monkey – a naughty boy like Ram Bhakta Shri Hanuman ji who was very naughty as well in his childhood and used to do mischiefs like making upside down of sages doing penance with their eyes closed. Just hilarious , he did not know of his powers as a child.
I beg you to allow me to deliver to you, as I am getting some message from your honourable heavenly father head constable Punjab Police Mr Jeetender Kumar Punj who loved his family and 3 children’s Your elder brother, sister and youngest child yourself. It is my most humble request as a human being; please allow me to pass on some of my feelings, experiences and advice to each of you through Mr Sunil Singh. Wahe Guru Ki Meher, Allah Ki Meher .. Parmatma’s love and care.
I thank God that my family – you are all happy and prosperous, hard times are behind all of you. Please forgive your father leaving you so early due to bad choices in life due to bad company like not looking after own health but still giving best service to other people. I regret my drinking alcohol. Please forgive me as I repent; I sat a bad example for my friends, my wife Devi Janak Rani and 3 children. Now, I always see happy site of Janak Rani and I am always with her.
Kapil beta I could not express my love to you, I was doing my police duties and helping people. I want to hug you open your arms beta and feel me. Daddy loves you. Hey you have been a very responsible boy helping your family like a father. Helping your mummy all the time. I do miss her all of you but I am happy that you are doing what I suppose to do.
Kapil you have proven to be most worthy son by sharing your love with the family. Beta Kapil you are not alone, I am with you always in your heart.
Here are my firm request to you Kapil beta :
Overcome Alcohol or smoking etc –No Toxication of divine body:
1. Promise me , No alcohol from today 10-04-2018 Thursday 10:00 pm
2. Throw all bottles in the rubbish bins
3. Never drink alcohol even in the party
4. If you have to once in a year in presence of your mum
5. Bring me Ganga Jal – no Alcohol
6. Money saved on drinks goes to feel for needy students in schools around you
Overcome Ego, Super Ego – Ahankar – Anger – Krodh –No Physical or verbal Violence
7. Don.t ever slap, hit or abuse any one in life whether fellow actors, guests or media people
8. Come out of bad company
9. When you are angry – Drink Cold water – Watch your pets like fishes, dogs etc.
10. Apologise with folded hands and name individually with respect and bow to themby psoting a video on and also individually as following list : a. Mr Vickey Lalwani – Editor Spot Boy; b. Mr Chandan Prabhakar; c. Mr Sunil Grover; d. Miss Sugandha Mishra; e. Mr Ali Asgar f. Preety Simos g. Neeti Simos h. Ginni
11. No Ninda or Chugli – Criticise youself and appreciate others for good qualities; Don’t talk back behind peoples back
12. Appoint a media spokesperson for yourself and all call screening and recording
Pray to Your Mother – Heaven in under her feet –Private Time
13. Go to Gurudwaras like Golden Temple Amritsar – do Simran – Chanting of holy name – Satnam Wahe Guru – Wahe Guru and meditate at least 1 hour daily.
14. Do Seva : Serve food and clean for at least 50 sadh sangat each week
15. Keep handful of loyal friends
Outcome: Healthy body, mind, heart and spirit -Your medication will reduce gradually
16. Yes I am healed , No Problems as I passed all problems to God to solve and guide me.
17. Thanks Friends for your love and understanding, I love you mummy. Father Love you!

Dr Sunil Singh Sharma Founder of Sunilism @ A way to loving life
Sydney Australia Email :

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