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Valentine Day -2015 !!! Can I find - Soul Mate / Baby … My Soul Mate / Babe… : Sunilism TM

Valentine Day -2015 !!! My Valentine….baby!

Can I find – Soul Mate … My Soul Mate… : By Sunil Sharma – Founder of Sunilism TM

Are you worried about losing your Very close friend/ Love Partner / baby or Soul Mate ?
Do not have trust each other ?
Issues……Issues… No Love…
You have been cheated over and over by the person in your life and still looking for the “ Soul Mate” to settle down.

If you think you can not find your “ Soul mate” and feel helpless and lost hope of getting one, you will get one “ Soul Mate “ NOW ! Just read on please.

Just on a lighter side as your Love Coach helping to find your soul-mate, please use me as a sounding board because my Helping Loving Energies will heal, nurture and protect your heart, emotions, mind to give you everlasting happiness and a bliss.

Thanks for your Smile…..laugh……….You so pretty…… and you are lucky one to find the wisdom in this writing. If you love it … please do pass to your friends and families as they also truly deserve to share this vital information. Sunil is at your service to take all your misries and awaken you as a perfect person and help nurture you for ever. It is my humble service to you no stings attached whatsoever. World is a small family and everyone has mutual dependance. Sometime total strangers are more helpful then you know people for ever day in day out.

God / Nature have asked me to pass on few things to you…+"Yes ….You" + Why so lonely and aloof today.

Valentine Day !!! My Valentine….now!

1. You are a God /Goddess!
2. Your ultimate goal is to live the life of God/Goddess abundance of wisdom and wealth, happiness, Love, Romance on one hand compassion, support to under-priviledged, Now!
3. Check my Painting “Imagine now! Think Heavenly.. It exactly pinpoints the true vitues and important values, you have to focus now.
4. Live the life of a God/ Goddess now by developing unconditional Love, Romance, Respect within yourself which will provide you Peace, Energy, Happiness and frequent Divine connection at least once in the morning and one in the afternoon.
5. It is required to focus on those values 24x 7 by visualisation so that it reaches your subconscious and auto pilot you for ever. You need to display close to your bed and your work place table for quick reminder.
6. If you have a love partner ask them if they like those values and would like to develop further with you as a soul mate. If yes , give them a gift of another set of paintings.
7. Make sure you have loving heart donate some money to needy ones..
8. Learn to humble and use kind words… no swearing …..Just say I love you…
9. Learn to awaken first your “Inner Child” who resides in your heart and you never bother to talk to it . Today is good start and welcome your inner child as a equal partner and start loving and respecting it. Further, also trust and love your other partner just like you love yourself.
10. Affirm your love to them for ever no conditions as a great friend
11. You will attract one of your friend as your soul mate.
12. Still assure your soul mate that you will be loving & forgiving to them as no one is perfect. But be honest with each other in general… But yes … there are some secrets which you may decide not to share even with your soul mate if it will harm your relationship.
13. Trust your soul mate and give them some private space and respect it.
14. Surrender to God / Nature and ask for direction and support or a true friend on red bubble- Sunil Sharma – Email : any time.
15. No Alcohol or red meat .. The animal when dies secrets very harmful enzymes and Harmones under fear of their life…. so that infected animal blood when pumped by your heart goes to your mind it creates animal tendencies such as it creates Rage, Anger, Lust, Aggression and person slowly start behaving like animals and loses divine love , Respect, Romance & Respect . More drunken people make bad judgement as it undermines the brains proper functioning apart from long term addiction and negative force eg. Satanic influnce which will tear your Loving relationship apart and drift in to the darkness. So the innocent partners undergo relationship problems and can not have real soul mate who loves , can be trust worthy, and settle down together to start a loving family.
16. Life is a journey and treat your solemate as your close friend as well and express how you feel and give them day to day support.
17. In a nutshell provide a service to your soul mate for being with you in thick and thin of life events
18. Develop some of the common hobbies or intersts like Sports / Games or doing Yoga together first thing in the morning or in the afternoon.
19. Please complement and appreciate your Soul Mate each other and have private time every week like, Daily Kiss time, laughing time, mutual massage, hugging and bonding.
20. Be a kind, generous person and give gratitude and thank the God /Nature for what it has provided so far…Contentment is the greatest virtue… but strive for better. and a grea hope of another day to achieve more and strengthen your relationship..
21. Remain disease free for ever by Yoga. Do Yoga – Pranayama (breathing exercises), Hatha Yoga for body flexibility and Meditation for clarity of life purpose on the planet call Earth .
22. Be happy in every moment in life irrespective of whatever happens and celebrate life with your Soul Mate.

Here is a big plan to make each person God and Goddess on this planet Earth NOW! And to make sure that they have a Soul Mate for life in thick and thin of life events and this loving relationship will give great foundation to start a happy loving family which Love , Enjoy, live and support each other as a ideal family in which Dad and Mum and Children live as a true reflection of God , Goddess and lovely Angels on a Heaven on Earth NOW!

This message is part of living life like a God /Goddress on Earth NOW ! called “Sunilism” which can be a relevant new contemporary global religion which has relevant instructions for our day today life and glues all the world religions together. All the religions of the world are great and are hundreds of thousand year old and but times have changed, global problems have changed, people are so busy but highly productive these days; they have got no time to read the holy scriptures and needs simple set of divine instructions for living their day to day busy life.

“Sunilism” provides an answer, as it incorporate Body, Mind, Spirit/Live and nature integrated approach and is trying to explore those relevant instructions with help of you and all the people in this direction. Need your input so that we have some relevant & concise instruction in our time NOW! The people following “Sunilism” and of course all other sacred religions will be called as “Sunilist”.I do love all the religions and all people of the Earth equally and treat them as God or Goddess, irrespective of their faith or even Atheist are supreme to me but each and every one has universal need of love, Care, Joy and support.

Valentine Day !!! My Valentine….now!

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