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Can we halt " Cancer " and Recover Well - Yes “ Sunilism” Imagine NOW: Heaven on Earth: Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D.

Cancer is the disease of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Here is an analogy to understand it completely. Cancer is like a virus program which infect Internet computers and spreads on and on with time; if not stopped by a effective Anti Virus software it will make your computer to infect completely and make it useless for you and it will also spread to other healthy computers on the Internet as the data travels to other computer on the Internet and will keep infecting. In a similar way if Cancer cells not killed by the body it will pass on from one organ in the body of a person to another organ and keep spreading and person will die eventually after spending $20,000 to $5 Millions and relatives become so sad fro untimely demise. This article addresses more preventive side of Cancer and change of life style to live longer and happy.

Why do People have Cancer? Cancer is more pronounced in developed countries unlike poorer countries.
The reason is that the people is developed countries have a different complex lifestyle -use Mobile Phones, Microwave emitting electromagnetic radiation which causes Cancer, Fridges and eat 4 times out of date old meat with high level of toxic preservatives and people in poor countries eat one meal but fresh food and relatively simpler lifestyle. This makes developed country people over eat the large quantity of meat; coupled with sedentary life style like commuting with cars; watching TV, Channels and become obese quickly.

There is also a mad cow decease which is also incurable. I witnessed an alarming incident as a 10 year kid, the scenario was that a cow which was being sold to a man (butcher) and to my amazement the cow started making horrible sounds and jumping; as she recognized that this butcher will purchase her; and she will be killed by the butcher. So you can see that in agitated mental state animal ( Cow ) also secrete the toxic enzymes when they know they are going to die and lead to mad cow decease. I am not saying whether you eat meat or not it is your decision but you have to live with consequences of your choice as well. Everyone has a free choice to live and die and no one lives for ever either. In the past, so many civilizations live and died the world over; because of unmanageable deceases. Cancer is a silently spreading decease and emerges when it is too late. But people think, it is not their chance, no need to worry.

But something is called Wisdom so you sort out what is working for you and what is not working for you. Our body is the result of the type of food we eat which makes blood contains red blood cells , white blood cells , Antibodies, plasma etc and the blood passes through our head having mind and our spirit. So body, mind and spirit integrate. Your body is a temple; respect it, you ought to eat what is right for you. Learn not only by your own experience but experiences of the other people in the past.

So, the reason is simple it the Food Chain which have mainly extremely toxic preservatives used by food manufacturers to enhance the shelf life; you can check your fridge as they write keep beef /Lamb for 2 years, Fish 1 ½ Years and so on. Our bodies have to fight Cancer cells 6 to 10 times during our life span.

God or Nature has given us the Antibodies and white blood cells in combination, as a biological anti virus to kill any cancerous cells which are foreign cells infecting the body. Unfortunately, Doctors , have limiting knowledge and still doing research and tying to find it out exactly but currently do not have a cure for the Cancer. So I have to say with sadness that the current doctors and the surgeons are not more than the butchers in desperation by doing Chemotherapy and the double mastectomy. My heart weeps to see our ladies going to such a unfortunate end. It should be stopped patient have dignity; a hope for the better recovery of patients.

Chemotherapy is used in desperation to annihilate ( kill) majority of cancerous cells but healthy cells are also killed ; consequently, does not work due to the loss of resistance of the patient as the healthy white blood cells and antibodies also die. So recovery of patient is hampered and results in loss of hairs, extremely poor health due to toxic dose of harmful radiation through out the patient’s body.

Doctors are unable to stop the spread of cancer as cancerous cells move all over the bodies throughout the arteries and veins and get concentrated on certain body parts, organs and glands. So patient can live for few more years with reduced quality of life.

CANCER is completely treatable without any surgery by changing your life style to enhance your natural resistance and immunity by enabling your antibodies can kill cancer cells which happens 6 to 10 times in each healthy body during their life span so there is hope. Even a cancer patient can change their life style and receive enhanced level of immunity and life a longer life with good quality. You have to change your life style make it simpler. Please note Cancer thrives in acidic body environement ( PH Negative) and need to counter it by base enviroenment (PH -Positive ) , to make your body a neutral environment ( PH – Zero). Even Anger and worries create acidic environment in the persons bady and invites Cancerous cells to flourish as antibodies are suppressed so they do not kill the Cancerous cells and it spreads.

Change your Life Style NOW!

Our mind control the all functioning of the body including the release of enzymes, regulating blood circulation for nourishment and cleaning and building the power to fight with the harmful cancerous cells and defeat them every time. If a healthy person does the following then they will get higher level of immunity from diseases in 3 months time. However, a cancer patient will start developing immunity and 50 % relief from cancer in 3-6 months. If will be much easier after six months and complete recovery in 1-2 years. Please note this is a rough estimate, individual cases may vary.

Please keep on taking the usual medical treatment in supervision of your doctor as prescribed. My good wishes and blessings are with you. Thank you for reading so far. Now hare is important part. You have to believe, you are OK, your body is OK , your mind is OK

1. 5:30 am leave the bed go for morning walk. Take long breath….inhale and exhale..2 KM walk See the Sun rise and chant OM ….. Om….. Om….. or chant any other Mantra of your choice to heal you. Thank God if you are a believer or thank “Nature” if Athist, for giving you such a beautiful day and give you health, Wealth and Wisdom and Go and become a vegetarian
2. 6:00 am Take a shower. 6:30-Yoga : Breathing Exercises called Pranayama as per shown by Baba RamDev on You tube-To see Click here
3. 7:00 am Start drinking fresh Wheat grass juice ( It will make your digestive system and blood with PH- Negative – Base where Cancer cell can not thrive and will be killed) first thing in the morning , it will kill all harmful cells and enrich antibodies to fight cancerous cells,
4. At 12:00 pm lunch time : Eat Fresh fruits and vegetables, like apples, bananas, almonds, grapes, dry fruits, green vegetables, whole-meal bread, honey, sultanas etc.
5. Take Ayurvedic ( Indian) medicine from Baba Ram Dev from his Web Site, buy his DVD’s for Yoga.
6. To lift your mood and enjoy life while treatment, you need healthy mind, spirit, and body so alternatively, you can follow “Sunilism” is a way of thinking;a contemporary religion, a way to happy life; teachings to live worry free, enjoying your life for ever, so read “Sunilism” writings, journals and Paintings : Imagine NOW!: Heaven on Earth. “Sunilism “and paintings will boost your mood and make you practice the values like Love, Romance, Respect, Service which will provide you Peace , Energy, Happiness and Divine. Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D. is the Founder of “Sunilism”
7. Friendly and supportive environment will provide full complete recovery in 2 years
8. Our bodies change each cell in 7 years.
9. Enjoy life and be creative, write, sing, dance or do art work
10. Do a free voluntary service to your neighbor 30 min each week
11. Give gratitude to God or Nature for giving you so much on your each breath
12. Drink a Glass of water every 2 hour while awake total 8-10 glasses. To gain energy dissolve a spoon of honey and half fresh lemon/lime juice. It helps to keep you disease free.
13. Think before Speaking – be sweet always
14. Forgive people for their mistakes
15 Be First to say Hello! Good Morning
16. Be kind to others and love them as they are.
17. Keep a smile of the face and maintain long breaths.
18. Share your food with others it spreads love.
19. Donate something to needy.
20. You have a divine presence in your body so feel that you are a God / Goddess or Superman/ Superwomen
21 Sleep at 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm up to 5:00 am. 7-8 hours of sleep regularly is essential for health.
22 Transfer all your anxieties and worries to God or Nature : Like a small computer on internet down load data from the server computer and after the usage saves the programs. So you you also upload your anxieties and worries to God or Nature which is running the whole world.

23. We are a small part in Gods or Natures design. No one lives for ever and we all have a boxed date. When you realize it, your all worries are gone, mind starts working and being a *Master *controls your body better. On one hand, the worries/anxieties do create an acidic environement in the mind and which flows with the blood circulation in the body. Cancer and diseases thrive in the acidic body environment ( PH negative). On the other hand, We have positive thinking, motivation, encouragement, Love, Romance, Service which creates a positive environment which is healthy for your heart , body, Mind and Spirit. Actually, we do need base environment ( PH-Positive) to neutralise acidic environment to neutral environment ( PH Zero). The neutral state of Mind/body is the most stable state and is beneficial.

24. Here is more information to given to you. When we sleep daily, our spirit or soul goes out of our body in “Austral Layer” which can pass through any obstacle like Walls, Mountains and go to far distance places and comes back to the body as this is still good enough.

25. Now Philosophically, we do change this body when it is no longer useful for our Spirit/ soul to live in it. So Spirit/soul go to the womb of a mother and enter in to another new body being manufactured for us as directed by God/Nature.

26 . This body can be plants body , animals body, or human body which is determined by God / Nature depending on our Karma ( work) in this life and previous life and it accumulates like our good deeds and bad deeds and the ultimate balance is good deeds we are awarded with more grace from God/ Nature and virtually become part of God/Nature’s Kingdom.

27. We came into this life as human empty handed with perfect young body and will surely go empty handed with our life’s ultimate good/bad work balance, so why worry; all material will be left behind.

28. What we are saying is ours today, was someone’s yesterday and will belong to someone tomorrow.

29. So surrender to God or Nature and harmonize : Food, Body, Mind and Spirit

Here are some Don’ts for perfect long happy life.
Don’ts : or start with minimising and see if it works for you.
Do not associate with the followings and do not even speak them by their name.*
1. No Meat ( No Red meat at least to begin with )
2. No Anger
3. No Jealousy
4. No Cigarettes
5. No Drugs
6. No Swearing
7. No Alcohol
8. No Gaming
9. No Worries
10. No Anxieties
11. No Electric Blankets – Do not use them as they create harmful electromagnetic radiation.
12. No False evidence*

Claims of Curing Cancer By Baba RamDev can treat you with Yoga and Ayurveda Indian medicines.
Other press reports quoted him as claiming to have a cure for cancer of the breast, liver, prostate, uterus, pituitary gland, brain tumors and leukemia by practicing the seven breathing exercises.

In a residential camp held in Yog Gram, Haridwar during 19-25 June 2008, several cancer patients stepped forward to recount first-hand stories of their successful bouts with blood, prostrate and breast cancer using Pranayama or breathing exercises.

Swami Ram dev has claimed having documented proof of his successes.
“Check Baba Ram Dev Click here”:
Please pass on some one you love if you like it . God bless you !.

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