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Love- Art- Therapy ( LAT) : Sunilism : By Artist Sunil Sharma

Do you think Art can work as a therapy to assist people to improve their day to day life ?
Please give your views on this topic.. The World needs compassionate artists to provide a positive contribution to improve people’s life.
I would like, like-minded artists to show case their related work and give a bit of description to the work so people can use it as a resource to overcome their blue days.
Let me define it first, “ Love- Art- Therapy ( LAT) ”, which transforms the people into a heavenly state having sheer Joy, Happiness, Bubbly nature, a great Hope, Confidence and overcome anxiety, depression, helplessness as people view his art work.
eg. View my painting” Imagine Now ! Heavenly Earth “It says Imagine NOW Heavenly in all countries on this planet called Earth. The values like if you shower yourself and others with Love, Romance, Respect and Service which results in Peace, Energy, Happiness and Divinity respectively, within you and your environment, which enables You & me and other people to make this Earth into an Heaven, NOW !.
The Beatles, John Lennon lives forever in people’s heart and spreads his love for people - Imagine – No Country , No religion……. We you ..John!..

“Sunillism” is a new responsible concept to make yourself as a role model, a way of life, determined to make this Earth a better place and see this world as a small family indeed. where nature, plant, animal and people have mutual dependence. Real pleasure is to live for others, not for yourself, Money is an Energy , you do need it but excessive is not good either, late Mr Kerry Packer could not take a single cent with him after he died he has to leave all billions behind, even Mr Bill Gates, Microsoft owner now realized that accumulating money is not the life’s purpose, He had a change of heart and now, he is busy donating that money by making Gates Foundation to spent to uplift the needy people to make a difference to peoples life. So life balance is the key.
I have tried to expand popular “Imagine” message as an Art Form . Here it shows Imagine NOW and Earths view from the North Pole showing Europe, Canada, Russia, USA, Africa, India, China, and of course Australia, New Zealand are down under. .
So, just keep your focus on yourself; for the all these great values shown in this art which are already inside you; in your heart and which are trying to come out of you. Focus on them to grow and allow to come out. Miracle will happen and would transform you.
In a Nutshell, lets treat ourselves and others as God and Goddesses as everyone has Soul a divine presence in our bodies and cosmos. As you know wherever you focus it enlarges or magnifies, so lets goodness come out of us by focusing on good values.
Here, I am introducing myself. Sunil Sharma is a Oil on Canvas Artist , Motivational speaker, Holistic Life Coach, Researcher, Teacher, Career Consultant lives in Sydney , Australia.

Further, I hereby, welcome you to view and to give your comments about my “Oil on Canvas” work.Please bubble me or please feel free to write your new friend anytime on my email:

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