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Love & Peace Day… Love & Peace Day ( LPD) - 31 August - Heaven on Earth –Imagine NOW!

Love & Peace Day.. Love & Peace Day – 31 August – Heaven on Earth –Imagine NOW! Sunilism – Sunil Sharma

Princess Diana was a “Global messenger of Love & Peace” to people living on each continent of this planet Earth. Her presence and charity work for worth while global cause was tremendous and she showed the people ways to accomplish it with her untiring self less work. Her love and compassion for people from all walks of life has been phenomenal and that warmth still can be experienced by the People all around the world as she is the true " Princess of Heart" and got a special place in each person’s heart.
Princess Diana’s untimely demise left a big void which has been felt across the globe.. The Love, Peace and Compassion is needed more and more as the time passes on. The people in need are feeling helpless and lookin for some one to turn up and listen to them. Diana was a great teacher to mankind. There is an unfinished work which she left behind. We ought to take valuable lessons from her to service the mankind and develop a caring network.

Princess Diana was celebrating Love on this day (31 August ) and was extremely happy. She was a champion and need to be remembered for her great work.

I ( Sunil Sharma ) am hereby proposing to celebrate 31 August each year, as a “Love & Peace Day” across the Globe involving all countries. But no one lives forever and her holy selfless spirit left her body but further expanded and entered into the heart of every one. As homage to Princess Diana, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England, warmly appreciated the great contribution given by Princess Diana towards her selfless charity work.
My dream is to see a “Loving and Caring Earth” for Nature, Plant Animal and Humans. It will be pretty much Heaven on Earth –Imagine NOW! I would like people to second my proposal and be part of the Love and Compassion on entire Earth. I would like to invite people to form groups in different areas of the world and network with each other.

I am here to provide my services and feel free to contact me.

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Princess Diana was Happy on this day with Dodi Al-Fayed .Princess Diana found true Love and Romance in Dodi Al-Fayed born in Egypt. Princess Diana and her Lover Dodi Al-Fayed having celebrations of Love and Romance as a great Couple and soul mate complementary to each other. They were truly united in Faith of unconditional Love and Support.
1. Diana sent a special note of her gratitude to Dodi , “This comes with all the love in the world and as always a million heartfelt thanks for bringing such joy into this chick’s life.”
2. She even offers Dodi the most valuable passion she had with her , saying “Darling Dodi, these cufflinks were the very last gift that I received from the man I loved most in the world, my father,” reads a message that accompanied a gift of jewellery.
3. Diana further justified also wrote in the note, “They are given to you as I know how much joy it would give him to know they were in such safe and special hands. Fondest love, from Diana.”

My name is Sunil Sharma an Artist Oil on Canvas who loves to paint only Love related paintings exclusively. I have painted few Princess Diana and her Lover Dodi Al-Fayed paintings which can be seen at .
I have painted Princess Diana and Dodi paintings at Red bubble .

The fine art work (1/3) is part of “Princess Diana and Dodi in Love Series (1/3) : Blessings
, Oil on Canvas Size: ( 177 cm X 122 cm). The other 2 paintings of this love series are titled as below:

Princess Diana and Dodi in Love Series (2/3) : Love , Size ( 177cm X 122 cm) and

Princess Diana and Dodi in Love Series (3/3) : Celebrations , Size ( 177cm X 122 cm).
Total Size of 3 Canvass side by side = ( 177 cm x 366 cm)

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