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Heaven on Earth Now ! “Sunilism” by Artist: Sunil Sharma

Do you know you are a God or Goddess?

Here is a big plan to make each person God and Goddess on this planet Earth NOW!

For Details of Heaven on Earth – Core values, please check this art work:

If you think you are not a God or Goddess, you will become now read on please. This message is called “Sunilism” which can be a relevant new contemporary global religion which has relevant instructions for our day today life and glues all the world religions together. All the religions of the world are great and are hundreds of thousand year old and but times have changed, global problems have changed, people are so busy but highly productive these days; they have got no time to read the holy scriptures and needs simple set of divine instructions for living their day to day busy life.

“Sunilism” provides an answer, as it incorporate Body, Mind, Spirit/Live and nature integrated approach and is trying to explore those relevant instructions with help of you and all the people in this direction. Need your input so that we have some relevant & concise instruction in our time NOW! The people following “Sunilism” and of course all other sacred religions will be called as “Sunilist”.I do love all the religions and all people of the Earth equally and treat them as God or Goddess, irrespective of their faith or even Atheist are supreme to me but each and every one has universal need of love, Care, Joy and support.

You will find some values of “Sunilism” in the current interview:

Here some details of interview with Artist Sunil Sharma:

Juilee P Pryor : Writer

Heroine Presents Sunil Sharma

This weeks featured artist in the Quorn Group is Sunil Sharma
Please check Sunil’s work in Quorn Group below:

Heroine presents Sunil Sharma

I came across Sunil Sharma last night when I typed “animals mating” into search and was drawn to his painting of giraffes making love, called “Love Time – The Giraffes”.

Sunil is the most original and intriguing artist I have ever seen. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I have. Here is his insightful interview

Tell us about yourself and your background

I am is a self taught, weekend new Oil on Canvas Artist, Lecturer, Scientist and Consultant lives in Sydney , Australia. I hold Ph.D in Physics and Masters in Internetworking from UTS. I have found art to be very refreshing to creativity and have a profound impact on people to convey a message easily and effectively.

Describe your artistic journey. How does it affect your life?

Well I am a keen observer with high level of imagination, intuition, and excelled in Art work and drawing in my H.SC. But persued the science stream. But I did realise there is something else I want to devote my talent and share with the world to make a positive difference in the life of people.

Only 3 years ago, I was given as one of surprise gift as a set of small canvas and set or colors on my birthday and I just painted the first portrait and started from there.

I do my day job as a employment consultant helping unemployed people to find work and mentor & as a life coach; to over come their barrier like no family support, lack of education and training, lack of money, no experience, loneliness, loveless life, addictions – Drinking, Gaming, Drugs, mental health etc. I found it challenging and realised that the people are just struggling badly and need sound & holistic support services and strategies to empower them to stand on their own two feet.

Other than that, I do spend my evenings, nights & weekend with non-stop painting and I felt great, over the moon, with sheer joy, no stress at all..

What inspires you to paint?

Perhaps the helpless people in the society forced me to paint love art. My Love Art work is to enhance love , life and bring back Romance to energise our life and is being used as “ Love- Art- Therapy ( LAT) ” successfully, which transform the people into a heavenly state having sheer Joy, Happiness, Bubbly nature, a great Hope, Confidence and overcome anxiety, depression, helplessness as people view his art work

Sunil sees this world as a small village having mutual dependence among the People, Animals, and Nature; and has identified a set of values. Sunil firmly believes that the values like Love, Romance, Respect and Service provides Peace, Energy, Happiness and Divinity, which is enabling him and other people to make this Earth into an Heaven, NOW !.
For Details Please check this art work:

Love is my main theme of painting as all people, animals and plant on this Earth need Love to make life worth living. So I would only paint the love aspect of life to empower people to excel by having access to my paintings.

What is your most favourite piece of artwork that you have done? Tell us about it.

There a few but The Beatles & Sisters Australiana 1964 : Nude Divine

It says Imagine NOW Heavenly in all countries on this planet called Earth. The values like if you shower yourself and others with Love, Romance, Respect and Service which results in Peace, Energy, Happiness and Divinity respectively, within you and your environment, which enables You & me and other people to make this Earth into an Heaven, NOW !.

In a Nutshell, lets treat ourself and others as God and Goddesses as everyone has a Soul; a divine presence in our bodies and cosmos. As you know It’s very important to have awareness wherever you focus it enlarges or magnifies positive qualities and diminishes negative qualities, so lets goodness come out of us by focussing on good values.

What artwork or artists inspire you most on Red Bubble?

There are many artists on Red Bubble but I am still new to the site so few which I have visited are :

Shanina Conway


Deb Gillett

What is your favourite quote that inspires you?

I am starting my day to work for Divine, Enjoy life – Cherish the experience and feel warmth. Be someone’s role model. Let me give my best shot, NOW! “

Below are some works of Sunil: Check him on Bubble:

The Beatles and Sisters Australiana 1964 Love

Love time: The Elephants

Love time : The King of Kings :White Lions

Imagine now Heavenly Earth

The lovers…. Kylie and John Lennon

*heroineheroine, about 17 hours agoSunil you’re a legend, I’m a big fan!Add your comment as a reply to heroine*justjasonjustjason, about 14 hours agoWOW!!Congatulations Sunil!! Incredible works!!!Add your comment as a reply to justjason*Sunil SharmaSunil Sharma, about 11 hours agoThank you… Dear Heroine….You are ….so good …I do appreciate you as a Artist…and share strength from you and Dear Juilee P Pryor.I know, I am a small part to ignite a spark with Red Bubble Group on the Internet, to spread the message of creating a Heaven inside our heart and light up each other and spread the message to one you love and let them pass it on as a service to mankind.Love, Romance are the source of greatest energy field which drives our day to life and cosmos. See even Moon attract oceans on Earth and revolves around the Earth in about and Earth revolves around the Sun with other planets in our solar system; Further this solar system moves around another Sun and so on in cosmos. So there is a Force of Attraction which is the controlling power to keep everything in order in the Universe, So the Force of attraction is noting but Love and Romance which bind the different people and communities and nations on the Earth.Thanks you…..once again for the kind opportunity.Add your comment as a reply to Sunil Sharma*Juilee P PryorJuilee P Pryor in reply to Sunil Sharma’s comment, about 11 hours agoour pleasure Sunil…. your work is unique….. and I’ve fixed the interview now…. some was missing before…… now it’s better…

So here you go…… Do you love the message “Sunilism”….It will produce a Divine spark within you, even if you are an Atheist it will give you superman or superwomen powers. Yes ..You are a God or Goddess NOW….Take a big breath….focus on yourself…You are a role model…You here to Enjoy, cherish loving experience. You have decided to be a God or Goddess with a flick of finger… Congratulations !

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