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Can I consult Dr Sharma for his assistance to bring Love, Romance, Peace, Respect and Bliss to my heart ? / Yes , You can email me on...

Dr Sunil Sharma , Ph.D. based in Sydney Australia is a true friend of everyone who wants to enjoy life forever and support others their nears and dears using his profound love and romance Art Work.
Dr Sunil Sharma ’s .eMAIL:

YouTube Channel : Sunil Sharma’

Dr Sunil Sharma’s areas of expertise includes LOVE Art Therapist – LOVE and Romance Coach – Life Style Coach – Work Life Balance, Health Management, Diabetes and Cancer prevention, Weight Loss Coach – All natural – without dieting and medication just some life style adjustments. Apart from this is his Work Life Balance, Developing harmony at work using mentoring, counseling and holistic assistance helping you and your team to perform to your optimum and rejoice your work.

Dr Sunil Sharma, Ph.D. is a Oil on Canvas Artist who paints paintings of people combined with landscape in Love, Romance, with loving and caring heart. His work is on Love and Romance is forever, timeless and non-conditional and enriches the lucky lovers or who wants to become great lovers personally and achieve extraordinary milestones in a easy and right way.

You can view Dr Sharma’s inspired Art work, T – Shirts, posters , calenders, original work my work from and I am determined to use Love Art Therapy bring joy , love , bliss and happiness to your life and the people you love and admire.

LOVE & ROMANCE COACH: Dr Sunil Sharma Sydney, Australia

Dr Sharma is also your Love and Romance Coach to resolve your personal issues and help develop nurture you to be a sole mate to someone you love.

Can I consult Dr Sharma for his assistance to bring Love, Romance, Peace, Respect and Bliss to my heart ?

Yes , You can email me on – Dr Sunil Sharma ’s .eMAIL:
and I will reply you. Please write your issues and outcome you are after for me to assist you. Please send your offers and contact details, delivery address for buying original paintings.

If need consulting e-mail detailing your problems and issues and contact details Mobile , address.

Artist : Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D. is the Founder of “Sunilism”

YouTube Channel : Sunil Sharma’

" Good news !!
ORIGINAL Oil on Canvas Paintings for Sale for more Joy, Love and Romance to your personal and family life.

Do you need more Joy, Love and Romance in my life to drive me in pure bliss ?

You will say YES – I do need more …..

HOW buy Original Paintings ?

Buy my original art work for now and email me at your offers; email and mobile or landline phone number and address for the painting to be delivered by Australia post. I will call you back on your mobile or will email you.

When the price is negotiated and agreed you will be required to deposit agreed price + delivery charges in to nominated account which I will give you later

For cheaper delivery the painting canvas can be removed from the wooden frame and painting can be rolled and send in a tube for easy delivery. The purchaser can get them stretched at their own expenses.The condition of the painting is as is where is basis in a good condition. On a personal note, the high quality paint and canvas and wooden framing has been always used for your to keep them for long term. I do believe that they will bring lot of joy and memories of love and romance to your life and appreciate in value over time. At this time, the paintings are on stretched canvas oil painting and some charcoal work. Alternatively, the paintings can be collected personally at agreed time and date if required.

You can buy 2018 Ca lenders now !

" Five 5 x Motivational and Inspirational Calendars 2013 – Dr Sunil Sharma ":

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“World is my loving family, a small village and we are inter-dependent on each other. Each and every individual has special capacity to make this world an Heaven Now! I have to do my part to serve the mankind, nature and animals and I am the servant of all " By Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D.

To lift your mood and enjoy life while treatment, you need healthy mind, spirit, and body so alternatively, you can follow “Sunilism TM” is a way of thinking;a contemporary religion, a way to happy life; teachings to live worry free, enjoying your life for ever, so read “Sunilism” writings, journals and Paintings : Imagine NOW!: Heaven on Earth. “Sunilism “and paintings will boost your mood and make you practice the values like Love, Romance, Respect, Service which will provide you Peace , Energy, Happiness and Divine.

Your friend Dr Sunil Sharma Ph.D. is the Founder of “Sunilism TM” a new global religion of living as a loving Family having Joy, sharing Happiness, Romance, Love, wealth, abundance and speading Peace and Wisdom- determined to bring The Heaven of Earth NOW !

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I welcome you to view and to give your comments about my “Oil on Canvas” work..Thank you for viewing my work in advance, it is very inspirational to read comments and I do appreciate it so much when people are kind enough to do so.
Please check my Love Therapy Art work as below:
Contact Sunil on Email:

2018 Calendars Made To Order -E-Mail Your order to
If you want to buy the original of my Oil on Canvas Art work, please send your offers on my email:

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Please note that -Images Do Not Belong To The Public Domain.
All images are the copyright of the artist – Copyright © Sunil Sharma 2008. All Rights Reserved.
Copying, altering, displaying, distributing and/or selling any image without prior written consent from the artist is strictly prohibited and subject to any and all legal remedies.

Sunil see this world as a small village having mutual dependence among the People, Animals, Nature and has identified a set of values. Sunil firmly believes that the values like Love, Romance, Respect and Service provides Peace, Energy, Happiness and Divinity, which is enabling him and other people to make this Earth into an Heaven, NOW !.

YouTube Channel : Sunil Sharma’

Further, he enjoys life, loves smile & humility thus, interacts with a variety of people and tries to make sure, he leaves smile on every-face every-time. His motto is – * Let me do my share of work and practice. No one is perfect. Learn by your mistakes. Enjoy life – Cherish the experience and feel warmth. Be someone’s role model. Let’s me give my best shot, NOW! *
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