Man, they take up so much work but the end result is so worth it D:

S’nothing more amazin’ than seeing that little black blob morph and crawl it’s way allll over the screen, or the lines of the fish you work on come to life. So good.

And that’s what’s been takin’ up so much of my time – animation! I’m currently in the process of finishing up a whole buncha them, and working on a proposal that I’ll be working on next semester. More animation. Heh heh.

Are animations considered art…? In my mind they are entertainment, media vehicles mostly, but with the potential to be called art. This I say only because I’m thinking of the so-called classical forms of art; painting, sculpture, etc. The execution of any one animation; that has the potential to be called art.

In that light, I’d like to highlight the work of Yuri Norshtein and The Tale of Tales . Norshtein is a Russian animator, who works in collaboration with his wife, an artist; and a cinematographer. Norshtein’s technique, uses paper cutouts and glass panels to give it a flowing, three dimensional effect. His ardent perfectionism takes up a lot of time – Norshtein’s adaptation of Gogol’s story, The Overcoat, took two years to film 10 minutes. And he’s been working on it since 1983…

But as you can see in The Tale of Tales, the end result is truly beautiful. It takes more than an artist worthy of the Old Masters to create an animation like ‘The Tale of Tales’; it takes a special hand and a special vision to be able to make flat paper behave like a three dimensional character.

I’m not ashamed to say I nearly fell asleep when I first viewed it, but I kept going back, again and again, to re-watch. It’s compelling, even more so when I remember that I’m looking at paper cutouts and not cel animation.

Do watch it, and if you can get a hold of a DVD featuring the works of Yuri Norshtein, better – the Youtube video gives you a good idea, but does his work no justice.

The first thing I’ve gotta handle is my Japanese 1 exams, which start next week – me, I’m a little less worried ‘cause so far I’ve been breezing through… by virtue of memory retention… I did a three month crash course way back when I was quite literally knee-high to a grasshopper, I’m that short. Err, was short. Still am though =p. How come I never grow up??

Thanks so much to Justin French for pointing out the coloured tees!! Man, if you hadn’t, I’da totally missed that D: so now, the ‘Battery Low’ tees are ready to go for other coloured shirts :3

New sketchy stuff, since I’m taking a bit of time off to update the gallery. And respond to comments and other stuff people’ve put up in their galleries.

Also, Randomalex and Tempest – you guys rock my socks. ’nuff said. =D

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