Historical Buildings And The Smokies

The Historical buildings of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park remain as they were when they were aquired by the park service.The exceptions may be location or minor repair.Some were moved to better complete a setting like at Jim Bales Place.A Frame house had been built here, but the original cabin that was built when the corn crib and barn were built, had been torn down,Alex Cole’s cabin which is in the same era of the barn and crib was moved here to replace the frame house..a frame house of the time can be found a few miles down the road…..the shakes (roofing) and porch posts are replaced with like materials from time to time.Planks also may be replaced as they rot……for the most part though the walls of the cabins and out buildings were built sturdy enough to be still in use today,only the chinking needs replaced………The Smoky Mountains is unique because not only did the National Park service set aside the flora and fauna of an area,but the Appalachian Life Style that was there when they aquired it….It is the most visited N.P in the US…if ya don’t belive it go to Cades Cove around noon during the summer

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