really big news from new mexico village

dont have any fans yet!
here in our village a movie is being filmed!!!
the book of eli with denzel washington
a post apocalyptic sp? western hero trying to save the book
which holds the secret of salvation for the devastated earth
hit people one a gorgeous woman mali? born in ukraine
and jim patterson are sent to kill him and gary oldman does ? maybe the mayor of the small town
i have not seen a movie for years
cause ive lived in small desert towns where there are no theaters!
so this will be the whole enchilada as we say
have no way to put my art online no digital camera and all that
will send images out on the psychic airways love in the light
the carpenters/ production staff begin tomorrow
redesigning the old main street – now the beginning of an art colony
into a wrecked town bombed windows cracked bullet ridden
they are building a large false theater front even tho we have an empty the lyric one empty lots will be filled in we all get to watch!!
irony we are near white sands ballistic missle testing area!!
awful raptor break the sound barrier jets
bombing we can hear such a puzzle it all is

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