Some More Thanks and Inane Ramblings!

Let me start off this awkward, rambling, nonsensical excuse for a journal entry by giving a big thanks to whoever purchased the “Hell Bound Hippie” T-shit from me earlier in the week.

I don’t now who you are, nor do I have any idea where you plan on wearing this thing, but I do know that your apparent complete lack of fashion sense has resulted in a couple dollars in my pocket, and for that I can only say HUZZAH!!

Seriously though, whoever you are, hope you like the shirt.

Picking on hippies is not only fun, but extremely easy.

I’m having fun doing these zombie shirts and I’ve already got some good ones on the drawing board including an IT guy, a pimp, and my personal favorite, a goth girl.

Next up, is a shout out (as the kids like to say) to the REDBUBBLEADDICT who mentioned me (or more specifically, the above mentioned zombie shirts) in a journal entry earlier in the week, as well as DAVE EWARDS/BLYTHART who added me to his list of talented colored pencil artists.

I deserved recognition from neither of them, but willingly soak it up nonetheless.

That’s just the kind of guy I am. ;)

Thanks everyone!


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