Help protect your IP and increase the value of your work over time

The way I structure my business is to only create 1 original canvas print of my work with a limited edition set of prints to paper, in my case I have chosen 100 prints. You will notice that I only sell the paper prints on RB, selling the original canvas directly through my business. This way I have total control on the original work, how it is produced plus its size. I plan to produce much of my work wall size.

I provide a Certificate of Authenticity with each work, which includes my logo, the title of the work, the issue number and a thumbnail of the work. Each certificate is then signed, dated and laminated. This assists in protecting my Intellectual Property, while keeping a lid on unauthorised reproductions. I also keep an asset and customer registration system so I can keep track of how many prints have been sold, who owns them and their location in the world. Your register doesn’t have to be fancy, simply an excel spreadsheet will do. Make sure you back it up regularly.

If you show your integrity by sticking to your structure, not only will it help the value of your art appreciate over time but it helps build your reputation as an artist, gain respect in the arts world and increase your goodwill.

Good luck gang.

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