Deurne, Belgium

Started in 2007, Studio Colrouphobia has grown out to be a fulltime occupation for the lead artist and illustrator David Sondered....

Universal truths

Whilst our line of “Evil Animals”™ are starting to sell, and will remain in our gallery for buying and adding to favourites, we are looking to soon launch a new set of T-shirts that we call “Universal truths”.

These are statements that are plain made up, but might hold a deeper sense of idea behind it. For instance, should we have used “only a dick plays with mr.electricity” the idea behind it might have been twofold: I am mr.electricity- don’tmess with me.
Or simply as it states- don’t be an idiot, don’t play with things you know nothing about.

Gratefully (since we like it) this above quote isn’t for us to use, since it has allready been used by Weebl&Bob ( ).

But our Universal truths aim to be as deep and straightforward, weird and to the point as the Weebl&Bob quote…

look out, the first few will pop up amongst our tee’s very shortly…

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