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Started in 2007, Studio Colrouphobia has grown out to be a fulltime occupation for the lead artist and illustrator David Sondered....

Studio Colrouphobia

Yes, we have launched our RedBubble-store.
Very suiting to use this space as our startingpoint as we do not have the means to build our own.
Sure our sales will be impaired by the costs tha RedBubble takes, but let’s be fair- atleast it brings good quality and it is a great chance for us to finally bring in some cash from our artwork.

Studio Colrouphobia is a freelance artist company that resides in Sweden, we take commissions and sell original artwork and t-shirts.

Hopefully people will see our line of “Evil Animals” and start from there. We also hope to expand quite rapidly, as far as artwork and t-shirts go.

So check us out, maybe…buy something?

Studio Colrouphobia

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