Landscape Art Research Queenstown (LARQ) is hosting an exhibition of the artwork of Ivan Stringer from 15 March until 12 April 2008. You are welcome to join Ivan at the opening of the exhibition The Centre of Now on Saturday 15 March from 5pm until 7pm. Sean Kelly, the current director of the Moonah Arts Centre will officially launch the show at 6pm. The exhibition can be viewed between 3pm and 7pm Tuesday to Saturday or otherwise by appointment.
Ivan’s exhibition has been principally sponsored by CMT with support from Vedanta.

The Universe screams.
Across the gulf of time and space there is a violent accumulation of stuff.
The Aeons pass.
The Earth, Moon and Sun are born from the radioactive ash and embers of a Supernova.
There are some details, most of which is speculation.
I can say with some certainty that I was born.
A short time later I find myself standing in the centre of now.
I believe this is also relative to where you are. We are all physically stuck fast in the centre of now.
Photography captures the light at the centre of now, so we have an image of now that we can see again some other now.
If you look for long enough at the nature of things there is an obvious symbolic reflection of our individual selves. Our existential paradox is that we are a product of this Universe that exists because we perceive it to be so.
When I photograph the world around me I try to see through the image, not just photograph the surface of now but to find the centre. I look for those rare moments when the image moves through me a moment of connection a symbol a mood an emotion moments where subject and meaning melt away from the sensory perception. In these moments the endless object the Universe and the self are all in harmony at the centre of now.
These are the Images that explain my spirit, my journey, and my universal self.
Ivan Stringer 2008

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