The awakening

The fog of unconsciousness lifted slowly, being replaced with the pounding in her head that was deafening; she lay there, wondering where the hell she was. The memory just couldn’t function with the constant pounding.
There was no pain, just the noise and that smell, so strong and close. Too scared to open her eyes in case the pain awakened, she tried to concentrate her thoughts on where she was and how she got here. Her fingers tingling with the sensation of the satin sheets below her, she tried to remember- dancing, yes there was dancing and champagne, she remembered the champagne.
Why didn’t it hurt? Where was the queasiness that usually came with the over indulgence?
The consistent pounding in her head was familiar; she just couldn’t focus on why.
The mind slowly receiving messages from the other extremities, she slowly came to realise that no part of her body hurt, it was all in working order and felt fine. No, fine wasn’t the right word.
It felt alive, really alive.
Taking a deep breath, the air tasting fresh clear and sweet, she made ready to open her eyes.
Anticipating the pain that would follow, she slowly raised her eyelids.
Nothing, no pain, no bright flash, just the darkness of night.
She sensed rather than saw a figure in the distance. Tall and hooded she felt no threat, just a sense of friendship. A voice broke into her thoughts.
“Accept it, go with it, you will hear all soon enough”
The slow recognition breaking through, she realized that the pounding in her head was her blood pumping around through her veins. She could hear her heart beating, strong and powerfully.
She had never felt so alive, every breath a new surge of life, every small movement of her body a new found experience.
, the way her eyes played with the limited light, the smell of the roses so strong, although they were so far away and her hearing, listening to her blood flow was all consuming, feeling it move within her body, bringing renewed energy as it passed every cell.
Her senses on overload she let herself drift with it, allowing it to take her to where it wanted to go, eventually falling into the dreamless sleep of a newborn.

The hooded figure watched, waited and looked over her as she slept.

Slowly awakening from her sleep, not knowing if she had slept for hours or days, the feeling of being so alive was still with her, the pounding in her head gone, but the heightened senses still tingling with the new sensations.

Opening her eyes allowing them to adjust to the limited light she sensed rather than saw the hooded figure still in the same position as when she was awake before.
“I hope you have enjoyed your sleep. It will be your last one ever.”
Rising to her elbows she became aware of her surroundings. The dark heavy curtains over the small windows, the solid rock walls damp with the mildew, the small fireplace with the barely glowing embers still flickering and the heavy wooden door heavily barred. The corner stand held a basin of clear fresh water and the small vase with the single red rose.
Her senses picking up every small detail in a mili-second, she turned her attention to the figure.
“I am your prisoner?”She asked
“Until you are ready, I suppose you are” he stated simply
She sensed no threat from him and let her mind absorb all that was going on within her body.
“The hunger will come shortly, I will prepare your first meal” he said as he moved to the door and left the room.
Standing slowly, she felt the exhilaration of every muscle ready to act, the nerves willing her to command them and the slow desperate turning in her stomach as the hunger pangs started requesting her attention. Food, he had gone to prepare some for her he had said, patience she thought, he will return and I will be able to eat.
Pacing the small room she tried to contain the growing hunger pangs that annoyed her other senses, she wanted to experience them, not this incessant hunger.
Sensing him approaching the door she sat back on the bed she had laid on for the last 4 days, she turned her senses to what he was hopefully bringing her to eat.
Sensing no food, but a steady slow rhythmic heartbeat and a slightly quicker heartbeat, she wondered who he was bringing in to meet her.
A new toy to be shown off, who did he think he was, the anger growing rapidly.
Opening the door he entered with a young man nervously following.
Assessing the young man she saw a boy, 17, maybe 18, his home made clothes betraying his poor farming background, the unkempt greasy hair falling across his face as he stole glances at her from the corners of his eyes.
Her anger flashing across her face, he looked at her and raised his finger to his lips, urging her not to speak. Sensing the calmness and lack of intent to hurt her radiating from him she did as did as he silently requested.
As he barred the door behind him he whispered in the young man’s ear. The boy responded with a nod and moved to stand in the corner opposite her, eyes downcast but the occasional small look in her direction. He stepped over to her and grabbing her hand guided her up off the bed, moving behind her he placed his hands on her shoulders, aiming her gaze at the boy.
The turning of her stomach getting harder no ignore, she wanted to eat, and the desire to eat was starting to consume her.

“I told you I was preparing your meal and here he is” he whispered in her ear.
The confusion of what he had said slowly sinking in, she could not understand what he was implying.
Her senses overwhelmed with the information they were gathering she tried to isolate the nagging thought in the back of her mind, it was there, she knew what was expected, she just couldn’t understand it.
The hunger now reaching into her mind, its tendrils of desperation trying to overpower her thoughts, she tried to push it away, as she battled with the whole situation.
What was going on? The boy, my meal! He was joking with her, using her starvation to play with her for his amusement. The heat of her anger only helping making the hunger more intense.
“It’s the way it is, let the hunger consume you, your meal is waiting”
The nagging thought burst into her mind, released by the hunger that now consumed her.
All the senses became clear, the focus of all their energy now on the boy.
The clarity that she now saw explained all.
Listening to the boys heart push his blood through his body, his vein on his neck obvious with its rapid pulse, his heightened excitement and nervousness, she now knew all.
He was here to lose his virginity, to become a man. The hooded figure had manipulated him, encouraged him to be here so she could feed for the first time. The power she had and now understood surged through her body, every cell now completing its transformation, in readiness for the final step in her assent ion.
A deathly calmness descended over her. She was in control now, she could feed, the desperation now totally under control. Stepping forward 2 steps, she motioned to the boy to join her in the middle of the room. Moving to her his eyes flicked to the hooded figure, questioning why he hadn’t left.
Reaching to him, she placed her hands on his cheeks and pointed his gaze into her eyes.
Smiling the sweet smile of a lover she slowly stroked his cheek, relaxing him, putting his body at ease.
Stepping closer to him she embraced him with her right arm, her left hand still on his cheek, he returned the embrace, as she allowed her face to snuggle into his shoulder, his neck mere centimetres away from her rapidly forming fangs.
Sliding her hand up from his cheek, allowing it to become tangled in the greasy locks of his hair, she let the pulse and smell of his blood, just under the skin of his neck, right there, hers whenever she wanted, the ecstasy of the anticipation far beyond any experience she could have fathomed.
It was time, time to allow him to feel her power.
Gently pulling on his hair she lifted his chin, exposing the veins in his neck completely.
Placing her lips on his neck, she kissed it gently, savouring the moment.
Hearing his sighs of excitement she gave him a small nibble with her teeth, causing a small bruise, his heart beat responding immediately, speeding up to heighten the sensations, moving through his body.
As the quickening rush of blood reached his neck she allowed the hunger to take over.
Inserting the needle point fangs into the vein, she felt the onrush of the sweet, warm and thick fluid, his shock not registering, as she drank deeply.
His heart continued to push the life of his body into her waiting mouth, she swallowing every drop, savouring the sensations it caused as it was absorbed by her body, his life force mixing with her own, taking her to a new level of consciousness and sensations.
His beating heart trying in vain to push his now mostly depleted blood supply around his body, she felt him weakening and continued to suck the life from him.
Feeling his soul prepare to vacate his body, she withdrew her fangs and let him drop to the floor in a heap.
Lifting her arms high above her head and arching her back she let out a deep satisfied moan of pleasure and turned to the man who had unleashed this new found power on her.
“I am eternally grateful for who you have allowed me to become”
“And you will have eternity to show me just how grateful you are” he replied smugly.

The awakening


Risdon Vale, Australia

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Artwork Comments

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