Im Watching you

I watch you through the open window, hiding in the shadows; I follow you with my eyes as you move around the room, unaware of my presence.
I am captivated by you; you are my sole reason for living. I have watched you for months, followed your every move. I know you as well as you do. Watched you go about your day to day life, patiently watching, waiting, admiring.
You have a beauty you are unaware of, a casual confidence that betrays you. You hide yourself away, tormented by the past, wanting to escape. I know these things, I have watched you cry alone on the arm chair, seen you suffer from your own inner demons, and watched you push people away. I have read your private diary, I know your thoughts, I know how you feel, what you want and desire.
Soon my beautiful rose, soon. You will have the peace you desire.
Every evening, like clockwork, you are like this, It is my favourite time of day to watch you. Your soft silky skin glowing from the bath you have just taken, your damp auburn hair hanging to your shoulders. The small tank top showing off your magnificent neck and shoulders, the faint outline of your collar bone just visible. Your small perky breasts, unhindered, sway gently with your steps, the nipples hard from the cool summer’s breeze floating through the window. The loose shorts hiding the curves of your ass, but revealing the fine smooth athletic legs that I admire so much.
You excite me so much, the magnificent creature that you are, mine to admire and protect.
Yes I have protected you, there are others like me who have been drawn to you, our kind always search for tortures souls like you, but you are mine and mine alone. I have killed for you, butchered them without mercy because they dared to lay their unworthy eyes upon you.
I move slightly to see you curl up in your favourite chair, the sadness in your eyes evident, even from where I hide in the shadows of your yard. The hot mug of tea forgotten I see you drift off into that void you have inside of you, you hug your legs tighter as your memories invade your life, taking you to a place you wish you could forget.
I so wish to relieve of your pain, stop the ache in your soul, but I find myself unwilling to let you go. You are the object of my desire, my one and only, to release you too soon would devastate me, I need this time with you, I am selfish, I can’t do it yet.
I love you.
Your cheeks shine in the soft glow of the lamps, as the tears begin to flow yet again.
It pains me so much to see you like this, shattered, alone and full of grief.
I breathe deeply and set myself, I must do it, I must release you….
Slowly removing the key to your door from my pocket, I move silently towards the back porch. Idly touching the object of your salvation, ensuring its placement and availability.
As quiet as the summer breeze I enter your kitchen, I know every tile, every squeak, and I have played this over and over in my mind so many times.
My quickening heartbeat the only thing that may give me away, I watch you from the doorway, you are so close to me now I can smell you, your scent a fragrance of beauty, mesmerising.
I withdraw the thin steel blade, your release is close, can you feel it, feel the excitement of no more grief, no more tears?
I move behind your chair, you are so overcome by your memories you don’t even notice anything is different.
I reach over and grab your chin, lifting your head so you can look into my eyes, my hand on your chin holds your mouth closed, you cannot scream. The panic in your eyes screams at me.
“Salvation is here, you have nothing to fear” I tell you as I slide the razor sharp blade across your smooth creamy throat.

Im Watching you


Risdon Vale, Australia

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Artwork Comments

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