On My Way Home!

On My Way Home!

Torrents of rain pelted my windshield as I headed home. The winds pushed and pulled my car all over the highway. My heart was racing, I hate storms, I said to myself, as I tried to stay in my lane. My wipers were on high, but they didn’t help a bit at all. Suddenly the bright lights of an eighteen wheeler I saw. Oh my god! He’s headed straight for me I screamed as I veered to the right, sliding into a water filled ditch, then end over end my car rolled. Everything happened in slow motion as my heart pounded.

Everything that was loose was falling on me. I could smell the smell of gas and realized the engine was still running and I turned off the key. I lay there, stunned, confused, shaken, hanging upside down for I don’t know how long. It was dark, pitch black with just a faint shine of passing headlights in the distance. I turned the key on and began to pump my brake, making my brake lights go off and on, hoping a motorist might see me, and rescue me.

The seat belt was pressed tightly against my chest, as I felt all the blood rushing to my head. My body weight made it impossible to release my seatbelt, as I cried and shivered. Then, to my relief, I saw the movement of a flashlight getting closer and closer, and I knew soon I’d be free. I would feel so grateful, I felt so scared as lightening flash and thunder roared. To my horror, as the lightening flashed again, I saw the face of a huge bearded man outside my window, with a baseball bat.

Then there was sound of breaking glass, as a thousand pieces of glass bit my arm and face. My face was stinging, I was screaming as a smelly oily hand groped at my bra, pinching me. I felt my shirt being torn away as if it was made of paper as he cruelly squeezed and laughed. Then I felt him jerking at my seat belt as I frantically thought, “This can’t be happening to me”. I was helpless to stop him as the seat belt opened and I fell. Then to my horror, I felt his huge hand pulling me through the car window, as bits of glass cut into my shoulder.

Before I realized it, one of my legs was jerked high into the air and I was being dragged through the mud. The water felt ice cold; I could taste mud in my mouth as lightening flashes showed me what my abductor looked like from behind. I pleaded with him to let me go, to not harm me, but the sounds of thunder drowned out my voice. I was helpless to do anything, terrified beyond any nightmare. Time for me stopped as my body twisted and turned like a rag doll. He dragged me down a dirt road full of potholes filled with water.

Finally I saw a light up ahead, and it got closer and closer, till he dropped me to the ground. The door was thrown open and I was grabbed by my hair, and tossed inside as if I weighed nothing. I landed end over end on chickens, as they squawked and ran in all directions, before hearing the door slam shut. Then I realized I was held prisoner in a stench filled chicken coop, urine acid burning my eyes. Crying, hurting, I crawled into a corner, shivering, fighting for my sanity and a way to escape.

Time stood still as I listened as the storm moved farther away. The stench of the chicken coop, made me vomit. My eyes burned, as roosters tried to peck and I would kick at them. All I could do was kick, but they were persistent, and would come back. I was too terrified to think. I was terrified. I blinked back tears hoping there might be a weapon in this room I could use for protection, but there was nothing. How did I even crash my car, I tried to recall? Got to stay focused, damn it, I can’t let him win! I realized the only prayer of freedom I had was to try to break out a few of these boards.

The walls were made of old boards, maybe old enough to break. If I kicked them enough, maybe I could work them loose, squeeze through, but to where? At this point, I didn’t care where; I just wanted to get as far away from my abductor as I could, while it was still dark. But as I looked down at me feet, I saw my shoes were gone. The must have come off when I was being dragged. The skin on my left shoulder was raw, from the shards of window glass. Awkwardly, I tried to stand, but I was drained of strength, but I made it to my feet.

I raised my knee and kicked a slat! Damn, that hurt, I cried, but I kept kicking. After the fourth kick, I felt the board loosen, the nails loosened. Soon, one, then two, then three boards lay on the ground, as I breathed a deep breath of clean, fresh air! I peered out through the rain and saw only darkness. No cabin, no highway, no near-by farms, nothing. I managed to squeeze thru, and my feet hurt, as I stepped on sharp pieces of gravel. My socks were soaked. Everything was against me, but I was free of my prison.

I wouldn’t make it easy for him to kill me I told myself, I wanted to live! I have to make a run for it, somewhere, anywhere; I didn’t care, as I began to make my way through the darkness, slowly, stumbling. I have to find someone, a phone, food, shelter, a way to get help. Slowly, like a blind person, I wandered into the night as the storm moved further and further away. I tripped in holes, ditches, skinning myself more and more, but i never stopped, I kept going. Suddenly, I was knocked flat on my back as I touched an electric fence.

I lay there, stunned, rain washing my face, making my face filthier. I couldn’t feel my hands or feet. All I knew was I had to get up, and crawl under that wire, if I wanted to live. I finally was able to move, and flip over on my stomach. I didn’t know how low the wire was, so I hugged the ground and crawled. The sound of the hum of electricity I could hear just above my head, and I carefully passed under the electric fence. Finally I stopped and took a minute to catch my breath. I couldn’t panic now!

He wants me to panic, to be scared. I won’t let him win! He was playing a game where the prize was life or death. Sunrise would soon be here I could tell. He would be searching for me, and I had to make sure he didn’t find me. As I bent over, placing my hands on my knees, I took a deep breath. I couldn’t panic now! I knew he’d have a car, a jeep, one of those four wheeler thingy’s! But he wouldn’t know which direction I took, unless, OMG! The rains! My foot prints in the wet dirt!

They’ll lead him straight to me! I began shaking, damn! What was I going to do? I knew one thing very clearly; I had to make some kind of weapon. He wasn’t going to take me back alive! I had to find something to defend myself with. He would be expecting me to be brave. I could act scared! ACT! Hell, I was already scared to death. If he felt over confident, that would be the break I needed to strike back. As I looked around me, there wasn’t anything I could use, and rocks wouldn’t hurt him.

It doesn’t matter I muttered to myself, got to keep moving, can’t stop long. I won’t make it easy for him. If he wants to rape and kill me, he’ll have to earn it! Hours passed as light rains continued to fall, without me seeing a road, a cabin, worst of all, no water! My stomach was aching, empty, and my feet bleeding from the sharp rocks tearing my socks. Then my soul was filled with terror! I heard the sound of a motor bike. I got on all fours, shaking, and then I saw him! He was a huge man, bearded, weighing 400 pounds or more.

He stopped his four wheeled bike, and lifted his binoculars, searching. He was searching the area, for me, slowly, as I crouched lower. He had a rifle with a scope strapped across the front of his bike. I knew then, he had no intention of taking me back alive. He wasn’t going to risk me getting away, and telling the police. To my surprise, he turned south, moving slow. He must have lost my tracks when I was on gravel, and as he went south, I went north. It was the only direction I could go, to put as much distance between us as I could.

I had to buy as much time for me to find help! My feet were bleeding, my throat parched. What few rain drops falling did nothing to quench my thirst. Then, by accident, or the grace of God, I saw a small cabin in the distance, just inside the tree line. It was small, just one room it looked like, and I saw no car. It looked like no one had lived in it for a long time. My heart raced as I approached the front door, only to find it locked with a heavy padlock.

I peaked in both windows, realizing that they were too small for me to climb through, even if I broke one. I took a second look, hoping to see a rifle, a hatchet, anything I could use as a weapon, but saw nothing. It was sparsely furnished, and I went back to the door. My fist hit the door in desperation, and I cried from the pain, and frustration. Then, I noticed a tool, a type of pick, in the grass. I might be able to use it to pry the screws out of the hasp. It was some type of gardening tool, not big, but it just might be my salvation.

In minutes, I had pulled the screws out of the hasp, and the door was open. It was nice to be out of the hot sun, as I limped across the wood floor. I went to a four drawer dresser, and opened the top drawer. OMG! Socks! Nice thick socks! I grabbed a pair, and sat on the floor. It was slow and painful, removing what was left of my socks, blood stained and stuck to my cuts. Tears flowed as I removed them inch by painful inch. I let my feet air dry, as I made my way to a door. On my hands and knees, I opened the door, and peered into the shadows, adjusting my eyes.

The smell of mothballs filled my senses. As I looked up and saw a rack of clothes on hangers. On the floor were shoes and boots. I couldn’t be lucky enough to find a size 7, I knew, as I turned shoes upside down. The closest was a size 8 boot, and then I remembered; there were more socks. I could wear two pair, to make them fit. With boots, I could walk farther then my pursuer would think I had gone. I went back and got another pair of socks and returned to the closet. I also found a pair of pants to wear, a belt, a good shirt and a warm jacket, and best of all, a ball cap to keep the sun off my face. I spotted a pair of binoculars hanging on the wall, and my excitement grew.

Now I’d have a chance to see him before he got near. I’d have time to hide, to make a plan, to get farther away! As I looked around the cabin, I saw some cup boards and I crawled over to them, but winced, having to stand to reach them. OMG! I cried! FOOD! Lots of food! I didn’t see a can opener, but I did see the Ritz crackers, the gallon bottles of water. Sugar Smacks cereal! I grabbed a bottle of water from the shelf and opened it. My throat was so dry and parched, it burned as I drank. In spite of the pain, I kept drinking.

I rested a few minutes, eating cereal out of the bag, and then I went back to the closet, having filled a carrying bag, with food and water. I changed my clothes, and as I was about to leave the closet, I saw the small first aid kit. It was a life saver to me; for I knew my feet were sure to get infected. Slowly I stood and tried to get my feet to accept the shape of the boots, and the pain I felt. At first, I wanted to take off the boots, but I just gritted my teeth, wiped my tears and began walking around the room.

Just as I was about to leave the cabin, I saw something at the far end of the counter, a photo album. Curiosity got the best of me, and I opened it. Oh no! My stomach churned and I vomited right there, as I saw page after page, of brutally murdered and raped women! It suddenly donned on me, this was another of the killer’s cabins! The place, he probably tortured and killed women he would kidnap! My whole body was trembling! Here I thought I was miles from my attacker! I had to leave, then, I saw myself looking in a mirror.

OMG! I looked like some other woman. I looked terrible. Scratched, dirty, terrified! My hair all matted into chunks. I saw the look of depression and helplessness! But there was no time to clean up. As I stepped back into the sun, there were two directions I could go. One was a sort of deer trail and the other led up hill, to the top of a small mountain. I knew the trail up hill would trap me. The deer trail went to who knows where. I thought for a minute, and had an idea. I went back into the cabin and found some crackers, in bag, and went outside.

I walked along the trail dropping pieces of crackers, as a decoy, making it look like I was eating as I went. Then, I tossed the empty bag, near the trail, where I hoped he would see it. Then, I went back to the upper trail and began my way up hill, one painful step at a time. My shoulders ached as I carried the bag in one hand and a gallon of water in the other. It didn’t feel as hot now, as I walked through pine trees. There was a slight cool breeze against my face. Then, to my relief, the trail opened into a small meadow, and I saw a creek running through it.

I took the boots and socks off carefully letting my feet soak in the cool water as I ate and drank, jumping at every sound I heard. I dried my feet and put antiseptic cream on the cuts on my feet, put the socks and boots back on, and stood. I wondered if he had checked the cabin. Wondered if he had seen my fake trail, or if he was one step ahead of me, and had not fallen for it? I hoped that he would laugh with glee seeing the cracker trail, and send him in the wrong direction. It would buy me time for my feet to heal.

I needed time for me to get my strength back. True, I was trapping myself, but with me on foot, and he on a 4 wheeler, I had little choice. Perhaps, once he knew I had gotten food and water, and clothes, it would make him give up, when he couldn’t find me. I had little else going for me beyond my prayers to the lord. So, I kept walking, I was determined to not stop walking, I was bound to reach help, I had to! I came upon a ridge, overlooking the trail I had been walking on, and I could barely see the top of the cabin.

I was sure to my disappointment that I had walked farther then I had. But I hadn’t. There was nothing but jagged rocks below me, as I scooted a little farther back. I took the binoculars from the bag and searched slowly, tree to tree, looking for any sign that the huge man had followed me. My ears strained to hear the sounds of his 4 wheeler but I heard nothing. The next sound I heard, made all hope fade, and replace it with hopelessness.

It was the sound of the man who had dragged me from my car…and I slowly turned around. There he stood, bloating with his huge beer belly, with his baseball bat in his hand. When he spoke, he spoke with finality, letting me know, I was about to die. "Ha! You thought I would fall for your trail of crumbs? Oldest trick in the book! You should have taken the deer trail in the beginning, would’ve made more sense!
But I want you to know, you gave me a good chase, might even a got away! I won’t kill you right away though; first we’ll have some fun!

He held out a camera and asked mockingly. You won’t mind me taking some pictures first, do ya"? I had sworn that I wouldn’t let him rape me, torture and kill me. But I had no weapons. And I couldn’t out run him, as fat as he was, my feet were too sore. So, with tears in my eyes, I turned, looked at the cliff, looked back at those ice cold, laughing eyes, and said, “Take all the damned pictures you want”, and I jumped to my death!

© 2002 Raymond Cook (All rights reserved)

On My Way Home!


Lodi, United States

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