This place looks interesting, which is why I’m not currently moping around my blogspot page, wondering why no one else seems to be as excited about my winning NaNo as I am. Then again, even my glee is rapidly fading as I shy away from reading any of the probably dreck I spewed out last month…

For the purposes of this account I am primarily an editor and a writer; for other purposes, I’m a Classics and English student and occasional artist.

For editing: the first issue of my mag Semaphore has just been published and, to my joy and surprise, is being read by people other than my put-upon friends. I thoroughly enjoyed all parts of bringing this issue together, and can’t wait for the next one, although I will probably be enlisting some co-editors to help spread the work load. Oh my dear and put-upon friends…

For writing: four short pieces pending at various publishers, one accepted at small e-zine Tower of Light, and one recent rejection.

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