DAY two of the worlds series..

Ok ,, im from cleveland and the beans beat our buts.. ok.. over it!! I will move on.
watching the game now and the beans so far beat the rockies… in their first game uuuuhh ohhh hear we go again. Who are you rooting for.. I was rooting for the rockies , however I know nothing about them , but I guess I want to see the beans get beat up a bit for beating the cleveland indians..
So now I changed my mind I want to see the bean take the world series… I want to cheer on a winner.
Indians day will come , they waited.. since the 1948 since winning their last worlds series.. so I guess they can wait another yr to try again.. Hope im around to see it happen for the cleveland Indians.
In the mean time ..".go beans… " Second game underway.. just starting…go beans..

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