Tim Denny

Green Bay, United States

Started photography in my mid teen years. Beginning with a Brownie Starmite camera taking slides. I continued advancing always improving...

~ God, Wood Working, and Photography ~

My first piece of real wood working was a book case I designed and built for my mother in about 1959. I sill have it in my photo room in my basement today.

I was quite good at making things, by looking at a picture I built a hutch for my wife.
I was not a cabinet maker so to speak, but I did pretty nice work. My probelm was not in wood working itself, my problem was MY PRIDE. I did nice work, I knew it and wanted every one else to know it, I wanted and longed for their admiration, in other words I had a BIG head, a real Charlie Brown Pumpkin for a head.

I had a fellow worker in my shop one day when I seen him looking around and I thought he was admiring my work, a voice in my head said “Eat your heart out Larry”

As a Christain I knew from whom that voice came and it was NOT God, no way. I am a Christain, I don’t play Christain, I don’t play church, I am serious about my walk with the Lord. When I heard that voice I immediately told God, if you want this shop, take it.

Little did I know what was going to happen next. You had better watch out what you tell or ask God, you better be serious because He is. Within a very short time my desire and love for wood working began to fade. The huge 25 foot by 15 foot shop I designed in my basement turned into a 9 × 9 foot junk hole. God took my love for wood wokring away, but most importantly He took away my greedy pride to have other peoples admiration. What a wonderful feeling not to have that any more, GONE, ALL GONE and it has never been back and I never want it too.

With my love for wood working gone I desired to imporve in my photography, but feared that if I did that old desire for poeples admiration would come back and I did not want that.
Finally the day came when I noticed that I had re-built my wood working shop to a degree, but God was in control this time and that greedy desire was not there and, is, not there. I enjoy wood working, but don’t love it, I have it under control, it does not have me under control any more.

When I seen what God did with my wood working I Knew I could venture out more with my photography and God would be in control and not the photography.

I give the Lord Jesus Christ all the glory for the ability to take pictures. Have I improved ? Yes, I beieve so. My ability has been so that I say I take photos now and not just snap shots. I am always looking to improve, but want to always keep a watchfui eye that photogrpahy does not grab hold of me like the wood working because the enemy of my soul does not care what he uses to pull me from God, hes only cares that he does.
I love to take photos of God’s creation that He has given us to enjoy.

God, Wood Working and Photography in that order.

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