Did I miss something . . . ?

The writing seems . . . different. I’ve been away for a while ‘cause I’ve been preoccupied with other things in life but I’m sure last time I posted something it was, well . . . not like it is now.

Wasn’t there a preview or something before you posted? There seems to be a running word count and that’s nice and all but it’s not really relevant to me and I’d rather have a preview function. I like to be able to check my work to see how it looks and pick up the bad formatting tags and inevitable spelling errors before I make an arse of myself in public.

And has the font changed? It seems a little less classy now. The last font seemed more, well, writerish. More professional. Like a book font. I liked it.

Are there any other changes I’ve missed? These things seem to sneak up on me when I’m not around :-(

EDIT – Ok, that’s really odd. Either I’m hallucinating or something just happened because the font went back to how it was. I swear, it was all different before!

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