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Natures Details Photography is located in Eagle Colorado and operated by Steve and Pattie Taylor. Steves work has been juried into some...

Colorado losing Battle

Since I joined this site many people have said that they need to get to Colorado. Well you might want to consider that sooner than later.For the past few years pine bettles have been destroring the forest land of our beautiful state. It is estimated that Colorado has lost close to 10% of the forest. The bettles kill the lodge pole pine which pretty much cover the mountains of Colorado. Some experts say the forest as we know it could be gone in 5 to 10 yrs.I live in Eagle county which is one of the worst hit. Grand county is the worst with as much as 50% dead. We have a friend in Grand county that told us his eight yr old daughter had to draw a picture of the Rocky Mountains at school and colored them brown.

Well ,we still our Aspen trees.

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