Arch Angel

The angel sighed inside his cage, the loud expulsion of air drawing the attention of the smuggler.
“Oi you, shutup, last thing we need is you bringing every fucking animal within cooie here, and don’t even try and make the trees break that cage open theres an incindinary grenade strapped to the bottom, I press this button and the whole cage goes up. The Angel scowls at the man, and searches his mind, images that smell of stale cigarettes and snakes kept in cages flood his minds eye, the Angel searches for something, anything to distract the man, a memory of when he killed his pert guinea pig floats through the haze, the Angel brings it into the mans mind, as soon as this image shocks him, more and more images flood his mind, his first break-up, his grandmothers death, a fire that burnt his child hood home to the ground. The mans eyes roll into the back of his head and he collapses. The Angel sighs agin and hugs his knees resting his forehead on his fore arms, peace and quiet at last, not for long though. Soon men notice their fallen friend and run to his aid, cow prods, planks of wood and fists beat down on the Angel. The angels draws his knees into himself tighter and lets the oblivion take him.
The Angel awakes, he notices his form has solidified and his feathers have turned black with a red tinge, It’s happening he thinks to himself, he almost jumps when the thoughts flood him, him? no Me. I had always felt feeling but never thoughts, I was becoming an Arch Angel, an Angel bound to the earth, more like a human then the corporeal beauties they once where. Arch Angels are bound to the earth after their Corporeal spirits are broken and their faith leaves them.
“Look who’s all broken and brittle.” The first smuggler says,I smirk at him.
“Guinea pig?” I ask, me talking startles him so much that he doesn’t notice it startles me.
“What’s your name? Your buyer said he wanted you unbroken, but it’s so hard to keep you poor creatures intact.” I look down at myself, light loose clothes hang off my body.
“My name is Kaen.” The man smirks.
“What’s that? Broken bauble in islamic?” he asks still smirking.
“No, Wild fire in Norse.” I pull every spark, every ember within reach to me. It all forms a ball of red hot embers no bigger then a soft ball in my hand. I grin and punch through the bottom of the cage with the hand holding the ball of fire, touching the incendiary grenade, setting it off incinerating the cage and the man taunting me.
The smoke clears, I un-hunch from my ball, feeling energized and truely alive, I spread my wings, stretching the muscles that have been in the smae position for the last two days. My feathers glow looking exactly like embers.

I smile at the stunned poachers and gather the fleeing grass fire into a circle around my feet, I spin throwing the fire, setting alight tents, food supplies and transport.
“I won’t kill any of you… Directly any way, but the wilderness might get to you if you’re unlucky enough.” I look at their stunned expression of hearing an Angel talk, i hear a quiver in the thoughts of the men, I find the source, i wave my hand and the glamour around the fey dissipates.
“The Angels are back, tell everyone. Tell the elders Keanix is here I’ll see them shortly.” he nods and runs away, hitting flitting speed and disappearing.

I spread my wings and take to the sky, reveling in the freedom of free flight. I enjoy the feelings that flying brings I never had before, wind on my face, the cold on my body, the acceleration. I feel alive for the first time in eternities. Becoming an Arch Angel is supposed to be a horrible experience, lifetimes of pain and exile. If that’s what you pay for feeling alive, I’m willing to pay the price.

Arch Angel

A boy called Star

Melbourne, Australia

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Artwork Comments

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