Avery Strangewayes teaser(another Vampire Story!)

“Who told you about me?” I ask the fat balding man sitting across my desk from me, his shirt is tailored to small of him and wet patches are spreading on his chest. It is at least thirty five outside, I feel much more comfortable in my light pinstripe shirt with the sleeves rolled up just passed my elbows, which has two buttons open to reveal pale, defined pectoral muscles, black jeans and black chuck tailors.

The man fidgets uneasily in his seat, the mug of coffee he accepted is sitting in front of him untouched on the dark stained mahogany desk. I sip mine from my favorite mug it is black and has “ I’ll have a strong AB+” written on it in white writing, the man has read it at least a dozen times already.
“Mr. Parkinson, if you want me to do any work for you, you do have to answer some questions for me so I know where to start”
“Oh of course sorry” wow he even had the nervous fat man voice, everything about him was overweight, from his voice to his fore head, which was glistening with sweat, he won’t meet my eyes, Ok I need to clear this up with him.
“Mr. Parkinson, it is ten thirty in the morning, I cannot work any of my talents before dusk, at the moment you are just as special as I am. Please I need you to forget the fact that I am a hundred and seventy year old Master Vampire so you can help me find your daughter.”
“Of course, well umm, she’s twenty two years old she’s six foot seven, black1) hair green eyes, slim body”
“Yes Mr. Parkinson, I already know this from the photographs, I need to know names of boyfriends, workplaces over the last year, best friend, favorite bars and cafes, all that sort of thing. I would also like permission to search her bedroom tonight and look for anything that may amount to something important.” As I say the last sentence his eye’s bulge out of his head.
“You want to be in my house…T-tonight” Jesus he’s stuttering, Vampires have been legal citizens for four years now, you’d think people would be over being scared of us. They know by now that we don’t drain our victims dry, we take a few mouthfuls and the person is a trance for the duration or a donor and there blood comes of a refrigerated blood package, also we only need to feed three times a month on average.
“Yes Mr. Parkinson that is exactly what I want, I will feed before hand if it makes you feel more comfortable, although I fed only three days ago so it really isn’t necessary, you don’t have to be present during the search if you don’t want to be.”
“No, I want to be there, will you be bringing anyone else?”
“I might bring my partner, to help me search she is more…though our then I am, fine tooth comb and such.”
“Is she a, umm…” He doesn’t want to say the word vampire, like it’s a filthy word. I close my eyes and count to three slowly.
“Vampire?” I ask
“Yes” he looks at his hands like he’s ashamed, good.
“No she isn’t”
“Alright then”
“She’s a Demonette” The man pales two shade at least; I have to fight to control laughter.
“Really?” he asks, it comes out like his voice is breaking.
“Don’t worry Mr. Parkinson, she has a life partner, she won’t be seducing you or any male persons anytime soon.”
“Alright then” he says, his voice is reduced to a whisper.
“ I’m afraid you have to be more formal then that, and a little more specific” I feel like reaching over the table and back handing the man, this is getting frustrating.
“I’m sorry, I don’t un-“ I cut him off by pointing at my copy of the vampire legislation I have framed and hanging above my desk. I take another swig from my coffee mug.
‘No Vampire shall enter the home of another without there permission’ is printed on my copy in bold, I have also had it underlined and written in a different color to the rest of the text and the entire room so it stands out more, it is amazing people don’t see it, I’m contemplating putting it in the contract, but I don’t know if that will hold up to the law and I’m not to keen to find out, seeing as entering the property of someone unauthorized makes your body reject anything you have consumed in the last six hours, food, blood, water and oxygen. It’s not the least bit pleasant.
“Oh of course,” he regains his composure and straightens his posture like he is making a presidential speech. “I give you and your partner permission to enter my dwelling tonight” I give him a nod and close my eyes and count to three in my head, I really don’t want to laugh in the man’s face, the sad thing is this guy is not the worst I’ve had come through those doors, one man came in wearing garlic around his neck and a silver cross on a silver chain dangling in plain view, the garlic is a wives tale, but the cross is another thing entirely. If it has been blessed, which this one hadn’t when I reached across and brushed the cross with my hand and asked him where he got it he would have jumped out of his seat if he hadn’t been holding the armrests so tightly his knuckles where turning white.

“Look I feel that you don’t want to talk to me any more then you have to, so how about you give all the information you can to Rose on the desk, just tell her I sent you out to her and she’ll understand,” I stood from my chair and offered the man a hand shake from across the table. He stands and after a moment takes it in his own, he flinches when he touches my hand and it isn’t ice cold.
“I will do everything a can Mr. Parkinson, but I have to warn you that if a person wants to stay hidden there is very little I can do to find them.”
“Thank you Mr. Strangewayes.”
“Please, call me Avery”
“Thomas, may I ask where you last name is from?” trying to make small talk, nice job, probably not the best question to ask if you want to forget I am a Vampire.
“Nineteenth century England”
“Ah, I see” He manages to walk to the door with his back to me barely increasing his pace from walking speed, good man.

Avery Strangewayes teaser(another Vampire Story!)

A boy called Star

Melbourne, Australia

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this is another vampire story i’m writing, it kind of entwines with the eternal story. enjoy!

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