The Huntress

The sound of the twig snapping to her highly strained ears was like a cannon shot, she spun, bow in hand, arrow knocked to find a huge black cat behind her, muscles writhing under it’s dark velvet fur, it looked so soft she wanted to reach out and touch it, but this is a trick of some supernatural creatures,
“Been a were-panther long?” she asked casually the animal seemed to flinch, it growled from somewhere deep in it’s chest. “These arrows has a silver tip that will break off inside you, if it doesn’t kill you it will burn like hellfire.” the creature stood from it’s crouch and backed off slowly, definatly a were animals don’t tend to walk backwards.

She had bigger fish to fry, like the fact that a rare and powerful wolf had been seen in the woods, the panther would be stronger but you can’t tame a were unfortunately. The silence was deafening, this wolf had better be something special, she thought to herself, I’m going to a lot of trouble to find and make it my companion. She was daughter to a lesser forest god, the forest and animals had an afinity towards her. A rabbit burst from he scrub and seeing her stopped dead in it’s tracks.
“Have you seen a black wolf with green eyes in the forest little one?” she asked softly offering her hand to the creature, it blinked once turned to face the way it had came and then set off running again. She was getting close.

It’s watching me, she thought to herself. The forest was dead quiet nothing moved, it was as if the wind was scared of this creature.
“Come out emerald eyed beauty” she said to no one in particular, Please let it be tame-able, she thought to herself, it would be a great shame if it was to feral to be tamed, and had to be killed, from the various reports it was to beautiful, graceful and deadly to be somthing she would be happy killing.
A shadow detached from the base of a tree and came to stand in front of her , the creature was blacker then anything she had seen before this made it’s brilliant green eyes stand out starkly against it’s body. it was a rippling mass of muscle and behind the eyes was not the cunning intelligence of a wolf but somthing more, as if it had a deeper level of understanding then it ought,
“Will you come with me beautiful one? let me feed you, keep you warm and protect you?” I walked a few steps towards the huntress until it’s snout was inches from her hip, it wasn’t a huge dog but the way it moved was like mercury flowing over polished marble, this also put it perilously close to her stomach. A kill zone she tensed and got ready to draw her knife.
“All i ask is you protect me when i ask and you be my companion beautiful one, please, if you don’t i will have to end you you are to smart to be left to your own devices, the locals don’t trust you. They don’t trust me either, they don’t trust anything they don’t understand. Come beautiful one, the world will be a poorer place without you in it.” The wolf stared at her the whole time as if it understood every word. it wouldn’t surprise her if it could, she’d given up the idea of taming it, but maybe it would walk with her as an equal.
“Walk with me Lupos” she named the demi-god of wolve. the creatures ears perked at that and it cocked it’s head at her.
‘Lead the way huntress’ the words echoed inside her head. she blinked in shock. If wolves could smile this one did just that. ’I’ve been looking for you for quite sometime’
“You’ll walk beside me then?”
‘For a chance to hunt with Artemis i would crawl behind her’

The Huntress

A boy called Star

Melbourne, Australia

  • Artist

Artist's Description

I wonder if there is any such beauty left in the world? or has mankind snuffed it all out?
this story came to em in a dream, pretty strange eyy?

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