MEMES = Thought Droplets

Thought Drops ( memes )
They are there, you cant eat them but you can taste them.When you have a big one enter your mind it can be explosive indeed.
Thoughts are always forming and blending into what is your reality.
I read a great book many moons ago that dealt with what was called memes
The idea being that as humanity grows in time new thoughts are born.
They circle the eARTh these new thoughts and a handfull of individuals get them at once as they descend down through the ethers.
Like a natural progression of thought. constantly growing, with thought drops or thought seeds, if you will, forming and planting themselves inside people’s minds, those who are ready and poised in time to recieve them …seeds of thought, born of the growth of the collective consciousness of the All.

Yet it is only a few that get some of the special “never been thought before thoughts” these thoughts are special you have to be receptive and open to such a never been thought before thought. One that has developed may come your way, however it may seed in another at the same time Its a special individual who recieves such new thoughts who can then apply them. Then others who recieve the same thought seed may also attempt to grow it into reality. New Thought drops that are unique are to my mind the ultimate gift.
I get em and run with them when they sit well in my central cortex.

The article below was sent to me………
I like its thought drop " – ))

Create Your Own Reality

Do you know somebody who is often “off in his own world”? It’s possible that he really is! He could be deep in thought, spinning a web of memes completely alien to everyone else on the planet—until he opens his mouth and passes those memes on.

Edgar Allan Poe wrote that he had no idea where all the macabre ideas he had came from, but when he wrote them down as stories and books, the Pit and the Pendulum became part of our world too.

George Lucas conceived the Star Wars universe and Gene Roddenberry Star Trek. Both of these fictional worlds are part of our real world now, most every day, because of all the shared context that we can often all relate to.

The last straw in discussing philosophy with some New Age people is the idea that we create our own reality. “Poppycock,” they say. “Bollocks. There’s one reality out there and though you may create whatever you want, it ain’t reality.” People like that tend to think life is made up of places, people, buildings, jobs, and so on.

On the surface it is. But the great thing about being human is that life is mostly made up of something else entirely.


Most of our reality is composed of memes. And we really do have the ability to create memes, simply by opening our mouths to speak. As a self-taught extrovert, I can tell you that it’s really a different world out there from when I was more introverted. People behave differently depending on how you behave and even how you expect THEM to behave! To a critical cynic, the world could easily be full of unfriendly, selfish people. To a smiling chatterbox, the world may be full of nice people who are just bad about returning phone calls.

The reason science has done so poorly in studying human nature is that our experimental model has an observer performing an experiment without having an influence on the outcome. It’s very very difficult to design an experiment with human beings in which the experimenter has no influence on the outcome. People are incredibly sensitive to the personalities and agendas of those around them.

Another way we create our own realities is through the distinction-memes we see things through. There is boundless variety possible in the human experience, but it’s just not part of the reality of someone who sees only a choice between Republican and Democrat, Management and Labor, Coke and Pepsi.

The first lesson of one Zen curriculum is to dissolve those artificial distinctions to open up the way for new possibilities. When asked if even a dog has God inside him, the teacher shouts, “No!” The “no” is so emphatic that it is understood to mean not just that the answer to the question is “no,” but that the whole Level-2 line of thought—exploring endlessly meaningless rabbit holes of finer and finer distinctions—is a trap. Better to stop that train of thought and quiet the mind.

The best way I know to reprogram your mind, and thus create a new reality, is to copy people who are living lives you like. Copy the way they think. Copy the way they see things. Try on new distinctions, make your version of some great ways of being, and see what happens. Because this, my friend, is truly the final frontier.

Here is some interesting stuff I found………

Level 3 of Consciousness are reading about something that most people don’t even know exists. If you told them, they wouldn’t just not believe you—they would have no clue what you were talking about. That’s why I wrote this little essay: so that I could show it to someone when they had no idea what I was talking about and, if they were persistent and open-minded, make some progress in their thinking. And meanwhile I could get on with my other projects.

1. In the beginning, there was attraction. Things attract each other because they like to be closer to some things than other things. This is the root of all change in the whole universe.

Sometimes like attracts like and sometimes opposite attracts opposite. When opposites attract, you’ve got a pair, a couple. That pair is now another unit and you can start the whole process over again. The pair, the new unit, can attract an opposite or a like or just drift along.

When like attracts like, it can end there, like an oxygen molecule made up of two oxygen atoms, or it can continue to attract like, like a Carbon atom. When things continue to attract like, something big gets created.

2. Sometimes a thing will attract just the right stuff to it that the new stuff turns into another copy of the thing. That is self-replication. Self-replication is the most powerful force in the universe. One becomes two, two become four, four become eight, and soon the universe is full of things.

Sometimes a self-replicating thing makes a copy of itself with a mistake in it. The thing with a mistake will either be better, worse, or the same at making copies of itself. If it’s better, there will soon be more copies of the new thing than the old thing in the universe.

The only way for new things to get created is by a complex series of mistakes that turn out to be better after all.

3. We are self-replicating things. We are the result of a billion years worth of mistakes that turned out to be better after all.

4. One big mistake that turned out to be better after all was that, of all the animals, we alone can communicate complicated ideas. We can tell stories. We can share recipes. We can make complicated plans. Even dolphins and whales can’t do these things, we think.

5. These ideas that we communicate are called memes. Memes are a kind of thing. Memes live in our minds.

6. Like all things, memes fit better with some things than others. Some memes naturally fit better in people’s minds. Some memes naturally fit better with other memes. When a group of memes fit well together and pull the strings of someone’s mouth and vocal cords so that they pass them on to others, a new, self-replicating thing gets created. The new thing is called a memeplex.

Self-replication is the most powerful force in the universe. One person tells two, two tell four, four tell eight, and pretty soon the whole universe is full of people sharing the memeplex.

Sometimes a self-replicating memeplex makes a mistake in copying itself. The memeplex with a mistake in it will either be better, worse, or the same at making copies of itself. If it’s better soon there will be more copies of the new memeplex than the old in the universe.

The only way for a new idea to gain acceptance is by a series of copying mistakes that turn out to be better after all.

7. All our belief systems, religions, and governments are the result of a series of mistakes that turned out to be better at making copies of themselves after all.

8. Every new idea we think of immediately becomes transformed by copying mistakes that change it into something that is better at making copies of itself after all. A key part of the idea may be sacrificed to something better for copying.

The only control we have over the spread of our ideas is in making them as resistant to copying mistakes as possible.

9. When we are born, our mind is courted by meme after meme after meme, all the result of thousands of years of practice at getting themselves copied into fresh new minds. This is Level 1. We have our instincts, born of millions of years of the genes our body carries striving to make copies of themselves.

Soon our minds become filled with memes and eventually we may develop a map of life that mostly makes sense. We speak a language that we believe expresses anything we want to say. We use geometric and physical concepts that we believe explain anything we encounter. We know stories and myths that we believe relate to all of life’s trials and tribulations. This is Level 2. We have our roadmap, born of thousands of years of the memes our mind carries striving to make copies of themselves.

10. Each of us has a purpose here. When the memes are quiet, it is possible to feel when we are on purpose and when we are off purpose.

11. Once we realize that there are millions of memes battling inside our mind, there arises the possibility of influencing the outcome of that battle. Until we realize it, there is no possibility.

The battle can be influenced in three ways. First, by noticing the memes. Second, by detaching from them. Third, by obtaining clarity of purpose.

When these three steps are achieved, we can begin to select our memes consciously. We select memes that keep us on purpose. This is Level 3.

12. A purpose is not a goal. A purpose does not feel like guilt, shame, or vengeance. Guilt, shame, and vengeance are emotions used by memes to gain mastery over your life. By choosing memes consciously, we can eliminate the control that memes have over those emotions.

A purpose feels fulfilling, satisfying, joyful, and powerful.

13. A purpose has to do with other people. A purpose is fulfilled by spreading memes. Every time we speak, write, create, or act we are spreading memes. To fulfill our purpose we must be conscious of which memes we are spreading.

Life is largely composed of conversations. Conversations are composed of memes. In Level 1 we are unaware of this. In Level 2 we see the world as a solid, understandable body to be interacted with. In Level 3 we see the world as a canvas to be painted, an instrument to be played, or a block of marble to be sculpted by us for our purpose. We choose to do this for good or for evil. If we choose good, good is returned to us in unexpected ways. If we choose evil, evil is returned. Either way, it looks like the way we choose is the way of the world.

14. In Level 1, we do not understand the world and consequently fear it. In Level 2, we replace the fear with understanding. The price of understanding is limits. Our approximate models of the universe are never completely accurate, never useful in all situations.

In Level 3, we start with a vision of what we want to create. From there we choose our models. Sometimes a chosen model may seem insane to the other inhabitants of the little patch of space-time we happen to occupy. No matter. Men with a vision of goodwill have often looked insane in times of mistrust and scarcity. But in Level 3, we realize that the universe is not a maze to be navigated; it is a baby to be brought up. When we give it love, clarity, and opportunity, we raise a child to be a joyful, giving, successful adult. This is the opportunity we have to farm our little patch of space-time.

MEMES = Thought Droplets

e o n .

Box Hill Sth, Australia

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