I'm from the government and Im here to help you?

Definitions of government

1. [n] – the organization that is the governing authority of a political unit

2. [n] – the system or form by which a community or other political unit is governed

3. [n] – the act of governing

Quotes – Example use of the word government

1. exercising authority

2. regulations for the governing of state prisons

3. he had considerable experience of government

4. tyrannical government

5. the government reduced taxes

6. the matter was referred to higher authorities

Early Midday RANT

Please excuse AO Language. But the current political leadership of this planet is simply pretty distressing.

FUCK Governments .. They call themselves parties too. Well its time the Party was over and they should all get down to business.
The business of making this world sustainable I think.
Really what do they do these days?
They grow forever, They suck our taxes and allow machines to grab us at every street corner when we are half a percent over the speed limits set by who.
I mean they allow cars that do 200 miles an hour yet there is no place you can drive past little ol lady speed?
They tell us what to do in every possible quarter.
They dont add much in the way of quality of life.
They attempt control whenever we leave our homes.
They get us into wars, that seem none stoppable.
They stop us from enjoying natural drugs like
Green and cocaine.
They let us buy Cigarettes but plaster the pack with death threats
Yet the taxes on cigs probably pays the wages on every government official
They tell us how much school Our kids must get
They sit back and watch big business fuck up the environment in the name of a fast buck.
They allow people to be imported into countries even though there is often not enough water to satify the needs of the current inhabitants.
They are SOOOO out of control
Every major Fuck up on the planet is backed somewhere with a government.
Hey Big Creator thingy up there on high
You do great Human design work and pretty amazing natural landscapes and stuff…
But FUCK you allow control by arseholes at a BIG Level.
Can you send down Jesus’s sister this time please
to rid the Planet of Government arseholes.
It’s outta control and a Revolution is whats required.
Now that we have a web you could put up a policy and have the world vote on it
Then we might start to see government by consensus instead of this burecratic Bull shit that harbors under the veil of the “STATUS QUO”
I mean really who makes the laws?
The no brainers that get elected by who?

If its all about numbers well
There are a heap of people that really could not give a stuff.
So many arseholes get voted in by default.
I like the Swedish system of Government myself.
There …Every elected official gets a job in an active government.
Thats right they cross party lines and the winner of an election gets to choose who gets what jobs from all those who the people elect, in a full Parliment
The US Australian and English system like many others is So Fucked
Opposition Parties? What the ??
Half those elected get a job to say no to the guys who won?

Id rather all elected politicians should be working
I watch the Australian parliment sometimes
A bunch of over educated under wise arse holes fighting like bad mannered school boys and girls..like they are in a debating class at some stuffy old University?????? They are running a nation in a time when all hands of right mind need to be on deck.

Its so screwed…The planet is in a bad shape. More people arriving daily too.
They took away the death penalty? hey the world was a safer place when a person knew that if the did the real bad shit they might wind up being fried.
There is a power to punishment that suits the crime.
Rapists get a few years at the expense of all of us, while victims lead a life of misery often.
We are it seems in many cases running the world under the same systems of thought that dates back to the 15th 16th and 17th century.
The World has grown and advanced
But Governments are entrenched Bull shit from a by gone era.
I laugh at how they work or play their games at times.
But then I feel like crying out when I see the outcomes of what we are all facing.

The Buck is Fucked.
Living for a better bottom line and saving and shit is a lost cause.
China already won that battle .
You wanna see a Government taken to the Full power. Look at China. Theirs is the most potent and effective government.
He with the Most toys wins???
Well The country that makes it all wins in the end is how it seems in reality.
We are growing as a species like ants infesting the mole hill.
As if we have millions of other mole hills to conquer. But Guess What? This is the only place we can live as a species.
What we had handed to us was pristine perfect. The Arc of good hope.
Yet Our Governments are stuck on the Buck as God.
Well look at America and the melt down we just had a sample of.
Thats right a sample. See here for more details.

You wait till you see the shit thats about to happen.
It’s been glossed over by well paid PR companies and sticky tape bandages are all over with Government spending and stimulus packages,
But the fact is that We are all headed for a major crash on a Global scale I think.
and why?

Well we vote like sheep and dig in deep into more poo .

Bring on the revolution I pray . Before its all to late and theres a China man standing at my gate with a notice to leave coz all the bank debt globally is nearly all owned by the Government of China.

Taking away my home, and yours is what they may indeed be able to do one day.

Now I’ll relax and have another coffee " – ))

I'm from the government and Im here to help you?


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