native people, what integrity they have

I was drawn to a post by Rebeladdict today, it had THIS Link

It made me think, it reminded me, of the original people of the planet, you know the natives of lands that lived across thousands of years on the planet without destroying it.
The integrity of native indigenouse people is a sign post for modern man, one I believe it would be good for us all to remember.
The new beast is the corporations of earth, non human entities constructed by groups of people with one goal. To secure profit from what ever can be profitable.
Then that other non human beast governments, that seem to pander to the whims of corporates.

We the people who get a somewhat limited time to do earth have to watch these days while the two beast Corporates and Governments pillage the only home we all have.
Ah it’s all so grand MMMMM?

Gotta appreciate the natives of earth, they got it right, but they did not have the fire power to hold back the tide of manic progress I guess.
Kind of ironic that peaceful native people of eARTh, the Somoans are even today the ones who are suffering from what modern man does to the atmosphere.

:source free dictionary online



• 1 – the quality of being honest and morally upright.

• 2 – the state of being whole or unified.

• 3 – soundness of construction.

— ORIGIN – Latin: integritas; from integer ‘intact, whole’.

A few thoughts on the matter
The following information is simply an opinion based on life experiences and a personal understanding of truth and honesty—which are part of the foundational aspects of true integrity.

Integrity is a skill
As with all skills, they’re developed and learned over time. For example, few people have an inherent skill in math and most people must learn the rules and exceptions associated with math to finally get a grasp on the concept. As a result, math is learned after repeating special techniques over and over including doing some memorization. This is also true with Integrity.

A qualified carpenter must endure years of training, practice and exposure to building materials and circumstances that call for his talent. Integrity must also endure years of practice and exposure, for integrity is NOT necessarily inherent within a person’s personality. Instead, integrity is a trait that is taught and learned over an entire lifetime.

Point of reference
Integrity is a guideline, a benchmark, a point of reference or a goal that is used to make decisions that rely on truth and honesty. All things are related to this point of reference and judged accordingly. To maintain integrity, you must remember to refer to truth and honesty in ALL decisions, thoughts, actions and reactions. That’s not an option if you are to have and maintain integrity.

A great tower
Integrity is something that a person builds and maintains during a lifetime. You can consider integrity as a building within a person’s heart that starts when the person is young. This “building” begins with the first hole that is dug. Once the hole is dug, the foundation is laid—usually by parents and other leaders (church and school instructors). The walls follow with windows and doors added along the way. The windows would allow for transparency and serve as a type of checks-and-balances. The doors would allow for modifications of a person’s definition of integrity to easily take place—hopefully for the better. The roof is added later and serves to protect from outside forces.

Just as you can re-build a house when it falls down, so too can you re-establish integrity if you fall away from it’s blessings.

Tomorrow is a new day
Leaving the past where it is, picking up the pieces and moving on is critical if you choose to “turn over a new leaf.” Keys that lead to success in this endeavor include 1) understanding, 2) grasping the reigns tightly and 3) implementing a new and improved plan that allows tomorrow to be a clean slate for you to work with. Let the past go and concentrate on the present and the future.

Looking back is important for learning from our mistakes…but leave it at that. Don’t bring the past into the future for any other reason, if it’s tainted in any way. Make new memories. Memories that are ethical and moral. Memories that blare and echo with integrity.

A plant
Integrity can also be considered as a seed. It is planted in youth, watered in childhood and blossoms in adulthood. The more you water it throughout life, the more it grows and blooms. Just as it is with plants, if neglected at any point, it WILL wither and die. If your plant has died, simply plant a new seed and water it daily! Note that a plant does not blossom immediately but must go through a life cycle first. So, integrity will take a while to get used to…again.

Integrity must be maintained. A janitor cleans and straightens rooms for a living. You must be a janitor and maintain true integrity. If you avoid the dust that settles, your definition of integrity begins to diminish and decrease in value. A strict maintenance schedule must be kept or what has taken a lifetime to build will come crumbling down in minutes.

It’s critical to note that integrity can be lost or compromised beyond recognition in a person’s life. I’ve been there and am in the process of re-establishing integrity in my life…and it’s not easy. Recognizing that integrity has been compromised or is totally lost from your life is the first step of many. The second step is to do something about it—and that would be to make the decision to plant a new seed and water it daily…even minute-to-minute.

Holding up to the test
Consider a cup that cannot hold water. A person that lives their life without integrity is like that cup. The crack may be invisible to the eye, but if it doesn’t hold up to the test, it’s virtually worthless. Many people walk around with a small crack that is easily hidden, but time reveals their flaw.

…a totally separate issue that definitely applies to real integrity. To be honest is to apply integrity to a situation or instance. The two go hand-in-hand without exception or separation. There are few things that complicate an issue or hurt more than dishonesty. At least honesty leaves a person with some sense of closure and dignity…despite the fact that it may sometimes really hurt to know the truth.

The role of integrity in “love”
Integrity helps to define love. Although many things collectively define love, Integrity is a little different in that it plays a unique role. Integrity acts as a binder of the many things that help to describe the meaning of love. Integrity helps to keep all the things that make up love, together so that love is constant and pure. Without a binder such as water, bread would be nothing more than baked powder with seasoning. Paper would be a collection of loose fibers.

Integrity can help to define you by acting as a binder that keeps your words, your thoughts and your actions honest, worthy and admirable.

Other definitions
People can tweak or modify their definition of integrity to suit their needs, desires and ambitions at the time. For that reason, it’s possible to have a large number of definitions of the word or state of affairs in a person’s life—but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all sound definitions.

Integrity will:

*begin and continue as a personal ON-GOING decision to stand firm on principals that are inherently good.*most likely take the long, straight and narrow road and does not cave into cheating.*tell the truth over a lie despite the consequences.*suffer the consequences instead of compromise itself.*help to steer a person clear of those that easily bow to a corrupt nature.*be apt to lend a helping hand simply as a by-product of this special lifestyle decision.*diminish and eventually disappear if you choose to ignore and abandon it’s blessing.*set you apart from a great number of people who have chosen to follow the lead of a different drummer.*sometimes separate you from the “in” crowd, but that’s not always the case.*on some occasions, make other people feel uncomfortable around you because of their own insecurities, problems and guilt.*impress others only because of your decision to adhere to such a (sometimes) difficult lifestyle.*sometimes put you into tight situations that APPEAR to be needlessly difficult.*allow for rebuilding. It will come back and continue to blossom if you choose and allow it to grow within.

native people, what integrity they have

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