So Ya Wanna buy a House in Australia?

I mentioned recently about one of my Fave writers Stuart Wilde. Who I met in New York and who I have kept in touch with over the years….Well this is his Australian Home that he is now wanting to sell.

I guess theres money in writing and selling great books. MMM ( ’ – ))

It would make a Brill artist retreat , lets all chip in a buck or two?

Here ya go.

This is the thought process you might say that assists one to create such a home.

This is an extract from Stuarts Blog On his WEB SITE

I invite you to sample some of Stuart’s writings below. he is quite a soul to discover.

The Story of Om and Ka

BY Stuart Wilde
November 2008

Dear A List Member,

The Redeemer’s Club is now closing, and the Tolemac (the modern Camelots) will open gradually. There are hundreds of these anomalies (26-D doorways). I’ve been to 51 so far in eight different countries.

Now that the Redeemer’s Club is finished, I’ll be able to help the A list people more.

Please read this story of Om and Ka, if you wish. It will begin to show you what the light of the Camelots is all about. It is a radiant light, very golden and very warm …

You may already feel it if you get localized patches of warmth on your skin…

Sincerely, love,
Stuart Wilde

The Story of Om and Ka By Stuart Wilde

In the beginning there was a vast space, it was very beautiful but it was very dark and cold and wide. It was feminine and the Higher Gods called her Om. There was also light, it was blisteringly hot because it was held in a very confined space, the light was masculine and his name was given as Ka. Om thought she would die because she was so cold and lonely, and Ka also thought he was dying because he was so restricted and hot.

He said to Om, “Why don’t you let me fly around your vast space? I can warm you up and give you light and in doing so I can cool myself down because you are so beautiful and wide and vast.” She agreed. So Ka flew around the vast emptiness of Om, she saved him from the heat and he in turn saved her from the cold. Both had a great love for each other and they were both very grateful. From the union of Om and Ka came their children, which we know as the stars and galaxies high in the ferment above us. And from the dust of those stars came the grand children of Om and Ka, they came to be know as humans.

After very many eons had passed Om and Ka were both very, very old. He went to her and said, “We have trillions of beautiful children but I am old and I have no heat left,” and she loved all the children but she also knew she was very tired and she could expand no further. So the two of them went hand-in-hand back to the source from whence they came taking all their children with them. They knew exactly and precisely where they all were and so not even one was left behind.

Male and female, birth and re-birth, is the teaching of Om and Ka, and that is the message of the void. We are a microcosm of our celestial parents. Sperm is solidified Ka and a woman’s womb is the human version of Om, the void.

We are all brothers and sisters here, and we come from the same place. And our celestial parents are Om and Ka. There is only one woman and one man in the entire universe. Our separation is an illusion. We are not billions of different men or different women; we are all parts of the same man and the same woman. We are each inside an epic evolution, a digital-fractal formula that describes the vastness of the Celestial Man and the Celestial Woman. You belong as an integer inside a complex blueprint, which is either male or female. Imagine the entire universe as one person (Om), and that person has one more person inside her, which is light (Ka). These are evolving spirits like you and me.

The earth is a spirit (Gaia) and that is one cell rotating around inside that female body, and you are also a spirit operating as one cell on the surface of that earth. It is just the same as a cell in your kneecap that is not really a separate entity in that it is a part of a larger being, namely you. To that cell you are the universe, and one day you will evolve and become a universe yourself, or the light of a universe.

But through egocentricity you come to believe you are the only man, or the only woman, and that cuts you off from the greater whole. It cuts you from the light and it strips you of your powerbase, disallowing your entry (access denied) into the greater mathematics of belonging to the immeasurable celestial formula that describes the soul of the one man and the one woman. So it cuts you off from vitality and information.

Try this: as you walk down the street breathe love into the hearts of your brothers and sisters, do six people then rest and do six more. Make it a daily discipline, forever, breathing love to people you don?t know. At the same time say to yourself several times a day. “Life is beautiful, people are beautiful.” Sometimes you can mentally place flowers in people’s hearts as you pass them. Doing these things your resonance changes, for now you are a powerhouse of light and beauty rather than the other alternatives. And now you are thinking about others rather than only about yourself. It’s your offer of a celestial communion, one that also carries you from the tragedy of life as a single unit to your rightful place inside the vastness of everything.

As a part of delivering your soul to a spiritual redemption you will also deliver others, and they will become your passport to the hidden doorway I’ve spoken of. You become the gatekeeper for them like Merlin’s friend Nimue that crossed back and forth for him. They become your karmic passport through the portal by the very fact that you have rescued them. It’s all in the feelings of your humanity, in the expression of it (how large and wide your heart can become) that you will come to see the transdimensional threshold that lies within. To get to this fantastic world I speak of, you have to travel across a dark and demonic world of discarnate entities and ghouls, and remnants of the human shadow, while all manner of deviousness will try to stop you. Having a good resonance and a perception of beauty helps you enormously as it cloaks you in a protection.

And being inside a greater whole doesn’t diminish you in anyway in fact it grants you a wideness you may not previously have been aware of, there is information that celestial entity that can help you along. It accesses you to a vastness that will teach you how to stand straddled across the universe rather than just being just a little human on earth.

Knowing it.

Just as I said last time Gaia is more than a local intelligence the spirit of the earth say, it is a multi-dimensional awareness and so are you. The first act of comprehending the vastness of Om and Ka is knowing about it, the second act is to drop your involvement and possible obsession in petty things, and the third act is one of bravery, will you step to the unknown or not? The Stuie Wilde Department of Unusual Experiences takes a bit of courage, but all it involves is trust. Once you can let go and step forward you are free. Staying where you are is a bit deadly boring – yawnsome.

The next understanding is that if you are inside Om and Ka then what it potentially says is, (1) you are Om or Ka and you can act as Om or Ka in another universe just as those that started this one acted for us and then, (2) you must have in essence, a spiritual mathematics that pre-existed this universe. Humans are very old.

The Universe is thought to be a hologram and so every part of the Universe is inside you and you are inside all of it… every cell, every cloud, ever quasar, every black hole, ever helix, every vortex. The Milky Way is in your hand.

Do this: think of a tall building you know and see yourself standing next to it as a very tall being with your hand on it’s roof, looking down at it. Try to feel the presence of the concrete or asphalt of the roof on the skin of your fingers or the palm of your hand. If you can feel the roof then you are actually there in the Morph, above the building – taller.

Pick a tree and slide inside it with your mind/energy and move up the trunk, see if you can feel the moisture of capillary uplift coming with you up the trunk of the tree. Go out on a limb and stop on a small branch, look down and see how far the ground is below. If a little bird sits on the same branch see if you can feel its arrival and departure.

Then see yourself very tall, so that you are tall enough to lean over a wide ocean, like say leaning from New York to Grasse in southern France (the city of flowers), and see yourself looking down at the flowers and watch and see if your legs that are back in New York scrunch up towards your head like a concertina closes, or the way a child’s wire, Slinky toy might proceed.

If you can do that you can fly in the Morph by leaning towards where you want to go, and then closing up your legs/body behind you. Once you can fly a bit, you can on certain occasions, go look at people and things and situations that you would not normally be able to see.

So Om and Ka is a sweet story but like all these things there is more to the Om and Ka principle than initially meets the eye.

Bye for now…

Stuart Wilde

So Ya Wanna buy a House in Australia?

e o n .

Box Hill Sth, Australia

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