So here it is very early and I was woken by a PERFECT THOUGHT. It led me to write this.

So What is a PERFECT THOUGHT? One that comes to mind to explain such a thing is electricity. By watching your screen right now you are using it.
PERFECTION IS a bit like electricity its there NEVER JUDGING it simply is.

What do I mean? Well no one can actually explain what electricity is. Right now it is powering hospitals globally. Running equipment which is right now saving lives of children and sick people in hospitals globally.It is powering life on eARTh in many many places. However it is also powering places where dastadly deeds may be going on. Right now their is electricity being used to provide light to theives who are breaking all the rules and electricity is powering light in Brothels and Nunneries and Monasteries any kind of place you can imagine. Deadly drugs are being made right now using electricity. So electricity is the example I share to show a Perfect thought.Electricity is impartial. It is energy simply available to all

It does not judge the user, its power is simply available to all who can source it.

So Perfect Thought. MMM I biggy for certain. Now your reading this right now. Why you could say. It has come about in time. I had inspiration quiet early for me. It woke me up out of a quite deep and pleasent sleep. Its now in your mind. The thought of PERFECT THINKING.

Its a very helpfull two words combined I believe.

If and when you are ever stuck..meaning you want to work something out. Perfect Thought is a great greasing device for the mind I believe.

By jumping onto the Perfect thought channel in your mind. You are trancending all form of negativity. You have a thought in your mind, in your soul infact as to what perfect is. Some say it is un obtainable. However I tend to think it is quite simple really.

If you can get your mind body and soul around the concept of perfection, it helps you to broaden your thinking capacity. Well I think so anyway.

Right now you are most likely sitting on a chair in a house / home and your in a building. It has power and heat and is comfortable.

Where ever you are is ontop of a very big ball of eARTh which is spinning in space, which infact may have no end. Space and time maybe infinite. We can only consider what that might all mean.

Perfect thought is for me what put you and me here in this very point in time.

We are here, I have been stimulated to write about Perfect thought and you are right now reading a thought about this subject.


Well I dont think its by chance really. Its taken all of time before this moment to do all it has which has enabled you to be sitting there right now. Inside space and all of time.

So Im thinking you might have an issue that is requiring a new pathway of thought.

You may be blocked in some way over a subject which is concerning you.

heres a helping thought. PERFECT. Think about what this word means to you.

Hold that thought for as long as you can in your mind. Infact I find its a great soothing thought when ever Im perplexed and come to a dead end on thinking through a thought or problem or whatever..

Perfect thought made it all. Every thing and everyone who is alive is actually connected to a PERFECT THOUGHT.

Everything you will do in your entire life will stem from your thinking.

Your next computer click will eminate from an impulse. A thought. Then action will be taken. So wether your on auto pilot or if you are being quite manually in control.

Everything is a Perfect thought. Right or wrong. Its is you alive. And part of a quite amazing 3 dimensional thing called existence.

So PERFECT THOUGHT. MMM its a biggy but if you get stuck, try contemplating that you are here within a PERFECT THOUGHT.

So dont be concerned. If it went to the trouble to put you here with all its great power
you should not be to concerned, it put everything else around you also.

Stands to reason I think that what ever the outcome will kinda be meant to be.

Given the level of complexity it takes to have you in it.

So thats about all for now. My Perfect thought has expressed itself.

So if anything has got you stuck. Let it go. Think of how perfect works and is totally impartial, just like electricity and remember it made you.

So let it provide some inspiration to get past any type of blockage or pain or negative thinking. If you think there is an answer, then that is a great place to rest and let perfect thought provide some options.

All you really need to do is listen to your inner promptings. You know the You that is inside that is actually running your life. Its pretty much connected to the Perfect thought thing really, so just listen. It will have the ideal answer. All it needs is time to get the message to you… past all the noise your ego might be filling your head with.

Ego is just a program that forms as part of the mind that runs your body… its software tis all. The real hard drive is your soul. The perfect thought produces the soul drive you might say.

And if your here, I figure your meant to be. So it will figure it out.. You know…

The perfect thought thing… you know?… what put it and us all here including you and the thing you call a problem. If it made it into reality it has a pretty fine heritage. And its the best the perfect thought can give you to assist you to what ever is going to be next for you.. The other nice thought. It didnt put you here alone.

If you get stuck another one I find a good meditation. Think of the sphere as a shape.
Every planet and star in the sky basically carries a spherical design. What ever makes the Perfect thought run, does lots and lots of spheres as a hobby. Not sure why, but hey
look up… there are billions and billions of spheres. It likes to play ball maybe?



Box Hill Sth, Australia

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