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GOD ( Not any religion.)



I have read a bit on this word. Religions of all denominations attempt to own it and call it their own. How do you feel about this word? What it means to me is simple. Its everything that is and isnt.

You and I are connected to it. In this very moment. Each breath you take is swimming in its liquid dimensional existence. Just for a moment consider how many unknown to you,chemicals, electronic activity and substances are right now swilling around in your head, enabeling you to think and feel. I think many people get mixed up a bit and they think that they are their minds. I think minds are like our souls internal computers.

Who you actually are is what uses your mind to sense whats going on. To see it all to hear and feel it all. But I think our minds are just a tool, for our souls to comprehend our lives. Who we actually are is well bigger than the sum of our bodies. When we leave, our body will have all the apperartus in tact. But we leave and I think go elsewhere. What is left is simply dead.

I think when you leave your body you go back to the whole from which you split from when you chose to come here. To this 3 D reality you call your life.

I’m a Universalist myself. "Its there so I believe it. " Science is an exploration of it and all it does. However religion, all of them all fall so very short of the enormity of what I think GOD actually is.

It’s the energy that is spinning us all around, it gives us our life here it provided a thing called the sun right now at this very moment, that provides so much energy for us to exist, hey no book I know can say why. But I see it. So do you. = For me no need to explain. It just is. and its absolutely awesome.

Just for a moment please attempt to consider that you are a part of it. Coz simply put….YOU ARE.

Neitzsch said its not there and many other scholars have pondered and pontificated about it.

This is what it is doing right now on eARTh

This is what I see as GOD at work in each moment. Well on a life on eARTh and in motion aspect at least. Check the link out and you will see that eARTh is actually a transit lounge for life force simply coming and going. To all points unknown. in unbelieveable numbers.

As a Universalist, with faith in what it is and a sense of awe at its capacity to design and create every moment…I believe you can feel GOD at work Simply really ….Just by smiling….. go on try it….smile and you will feel what it is.

It is a forward motion. An energy that is your source.. It has not stopped, it continues with every new life that comes and goes here and everywhere. It has created time and dimensions as a platform for its existence. You could say its the web site that has no end of thought and it works on pure thought. Telstra or AT & T cant charge you for that.

After my variables on pondering it and what it is, I have come to believe that we are simply feeling organisms for it.

Most of our lives are spent surviving and with luck thriving in life. However at our essence our core so to speak, what we each do I think, is we provide a sensory feeling agent for what put us here. I think it is our capacity to feel and transmit our feelings that provides the reason that we are manifested here in these 3 dimensions and given our own free will to go and grow and explore..

Think about it this way. If you woke up one day and realized you would live forever and you were the ultimate creative energy. You would come to a point where you wanted to understand what it is that you are. To achieve this you would require many many zillions and maybe quad estara billions of sensors to experience space and time. Maybe thats what life is? Itself writing its own book… it’s own recorded history of the fact that it exists.We may be here to watch what it does.

Humans with all our drama and mayhem, passion and emotion and will to survive provide a brilliant resource for providing Billions of Billions of specialized experiences in each living moment.

Hence I have distilled it down to the fact that it put us here I think and we have a distinct purpose. To feel in every moment that we are here. That feeling we emit goes straight back to the source for comprehension, analysis and responce.

Then we of course have total freedom of choice of course to feel what we want. To seek out our individaul and quite unique to us experiences. Quite a design really ….well I think it is.

No Im not a believer in the GW Bush backed design theory at all. I dont believe in anything other than it exists. So I believe in it.

The fact that it allows things like GW Bush well I ponder that one often. and why was Hitler allowed to be? All a part of a very big picture I guess. We humans seem to need to be pruned back on occassion. Tsunami’s that simply prune back humans to the tune of 250,000 in a single day. Well I didnt say I had all the answers.

I do have a motto though, that I do my best to follow “THINK THE BEST AND YOU WILL HAVE IT.” Simple really. If everything coming at you is there…. and it can all effect you….. well. My internal system simply tells me through my feelings what is the best in any given situation.. Well unless I have had too much wine maybe. Or coffee..

But I share this concept with you as you ( if your here) are a creative spirit in a body. You feel a desire to express your feelings of creativity.

So you also might have pondered what your here for. If you are a creative soul in a bod. Well I think that you are infact a very valuable thing to what GOD is. It creates non stop. It has spent zillions of years further developing this Universe and probably many others.

So what put us here is the ultimate creative spark. Dont you think?
I just draw a blank in my mind when I here people say they are atheist.

I simply can’t comprehend that idea myself. Its all so totally amazing and well developed to be total random nothingness.But hey… back to the feeling idea I guess, if thats what you feel then its perfect. It took 50 quad zillion years to all get to this point. Thats the magic I think. hey and we get to experience what it wants us to do. Just a thought I guess. What do you think?



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