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Box Hill Sth, Australia

Hello I’m here now you are too. Thanks for stopping by. it’s Possible something brought you here for a reason? – everything...


what is real.

You the darkness, you the light
My senses you do forever delight
The gentle swaying of the leaves in a breeze,
The wandering flow of all the rivers .
All for one, each one of us, and all from nothing it did all appear here..

Sight so precious, like a window through which to watch time become.
Life complete, the bitter sweet, the joy of deepest feelings felt, yet the never knowing why, no matter how hard we try, the answers
always form a new question.

Lost in all the splendour, the show we all came to see,
as the sea of dreams it descends into what becomes, each souls reality.
All we can ever want is here, yet from whence we came we will all return, thats the only true guarantee.

All a part of a show with seemingly no end, I find myself on its stage,
with my senses and perceptions as willing to recieve as each moment plays it’s part within the puzzle.
The true beauty of it’s power, touches me deep within.
The complexity so simple and totally complete.
Never grasping a known purpose, it hides beneath the surface,
the reason for all there is….. and will ever be.

The crisp air, a misty morning, a view from high atop a hill.

The constant flow and force of motion, deep within the sea.
Birds were made to watch over thee and me.
The young have no fear, just the joy to be.
the never ending desire to smile and drink it all in.
The colours in a rainbow, make me feel I know,
it’s all exactly as it should and needs to be.

The integrity in an old mans smile
the beauty within every woman,
a longing to experience what next might be
all of this and more.

All we find on our road of time, all we
came to see and feel, what is real.

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