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Heres a fun reality for 2013

I bet you didn’t know it?
But the USA federal reserve
The business that issues the money used in the USA
Is infact a private bank.

That’s right it’s not owned by the USA at all
It’s a private bank owned in the most part by the
Rothschild family. And the power elite we all now work for.

They issue money – credit notes, that is charged with interest to the people of America.

Funny and majorly sad really… that America doesn’t own it’s own money.
George Washington issued the first American money by the government of the peopl for the people… The bankers from Europe changed that as soon as they could.

America was forced to use this privately owned credit issuing service in 1913

But here’s a funky fact.
The license for the Federal Reserve to run the US money – credit supply was issued as a contract for 100 years.

So this year the license for the privately owned ..Federal Reserve Bank Runs out.

I wonder if they will get the contract renewed to issue Americas monopoly money – credit supply… Have they made America and the world a better place with their lending money printing business? The US people are paying the interest on the money used to bail out the banks remember …


Another factoid. Alan Greenspan is the former head of the ( privately owned ) federal reserve… Green span ? In charge of the green back ? Life is funny with names sometimes…sometimes…
Well Mr. Greenspan was the one who led the world into the global financial crisis
You may recall.. He is out of the hot seat now. "-(( ???
but guess what he does as a retired person ?

He has an office inside the white house

He is NOW! The chief financial adviser to President Obama "-?(

Check the link above then check the video where Mr. Greenspan exains the power of the
Federal Reserve Bank "-((

The inmates are running the asylum !!!!

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