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Our bodies internal internet.. More powerful than we realize

Fascinating article about the human body and what could be seen
as an ancient organic Internet. More potent and powerful than the one on the outside.
Our internal system is organically functioning right now like the Internet that your using to read this.
The question arises ??? How much spam is floating around your neural network right now? How good are your internal fire walls? That should now be stopping invasions upon your primal pure soul driven system?

What is the Internet?
It’s created by humans right.
Fun to consider that your body is just like the Internet
Capable of mass information download and retrieval
Operating your breathing
Blood pumping
Mental gymnastics
Your mode of operation is based upon your codes
Your mental free will desicions.

Download now .. Delete all useless information
Install highest grade organic input filters
Stop the level of spam overload the media pushes into your eyes
Re boot your de frag place it on auto by concieouse intent
Re set your system scanners to auto attract only what you need
The correlations to how your computer functions bare resemblance to how your ancient organic system functions in many ways.
Read the article for more clarity of processing "-))


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