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Hello I’m here now you are too. Thanks for stopping by. it’s Possible something brought you here for a reason? – everything...

You are in a 3D dream it's having

You think your you
You feel your you
You are ofcourse an infentisimal part of the dream
You are part of in 3 dimensions
You think you think
You think and feel
You have a free will


You are within everything that was put around
You will wish
You will dream and scheme
You may get your wishes but only if
You convince the dreamer that your wish is ideal
You need to be convincing
You need to impress with what
You think to alter the dreamers perception
You were given at birth.
You came here to be because
You were required to fill the role
You now find yourself in.
You have no control over anything
You simply follow the cues
You are provided with.
You are allowed to sleep
You can move
You can think
You will often drink
You can do nothing at times
You do as your circumstances tell you.
You are a dream sequence participant
You will see all your life has to show you
You will feel pain
You will see wonders
You will feed your feelings back to the core
You will do everything you must
You will live
You will discover and you will win and you will loose
You will have likes and dislikes
You will love when your lucky
You will form opinions
You will love many things
You will feel joy pain sorrow happiness
You will exist till
You find
Your time is over then
You will disappear from the dream
You know not where
You go next
You only know

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