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How sensitive are you?

You do realize that your a living experiment don’t you?
All of society is right now undergoing massive I mean ….comprehensively huge
Experimentation …

Unlike has EVER been
not seen on eARTh in its known history.
By this I mean radio wave WiFI usage..

This site via the click below shows how WiFi radio is used and how strong it is in various areas…google and the mobile phone companies have us drenched in
Totally soaked in radio wave transmission
To a level none of us could even start to understand..
This stuff has NEVER EVER been tested on human life before at
The level it is today..

We are ALL the human guinea Pigs… Doctors used to sell cigarettes as harmless remember ????

You and I are living breathing waking sleeping inside a pool … An ocean in fact of Radio Waves…. MObile – cell phone signals , data feed transmission
At a level no human in history has ever had to endure.

We can’t see it
We can’t taste it
We can’t hear it
At least at an audible level ….. Have you ever watched a microwave oven working?

It cooks meat vegetables and liquids to massive temperature with microwave radio
Frequencies …. To boiling point !!

Well ladies and gentlemen …… Your parents and grand parents
In fact none of your ancestors EVER had this much radio wave activity going on around them!!!

So yep your meat, liquid and organic as a human and with all the Wi Fi radio waves
You live I right now ? You can’t tell me that this isn’t effecting us all????

Every word uttered on a mObile phone …
Every porn video being watched on an iPhone
every dump of numbers from every accountants desk top
And military base
Every wi Fi signal being transferred
Every conversation and game being made and used by every teenager ???
Right Now !!!!!
It’s flying through your body and mind right NOW!

Check this out ……..
Then imagine this on a global scale every minute of every day


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