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Box Hill Sth, Australia

Hello I’m here now you are too. Thanks for stopping by. it’s Possible something brought you here for a reason? – everything...

God created evil too.

A burning question filled with white light
One we all ponder at some point or rather?
If as I see it….The God thingy is the ultimate creative energy
That actually is the duality of sex energy that is the
All thing…Then this means it made everything as it is I guess .
Including the Satanic energy we percieve as
Corporate controllers

As a human being you can be only as designed as what made you built in right?
We are each capable of total Love yet we are also capable of great hatred.
Both energies sit right now within our DNA
Caring for others

The light side is the bright side with powerful magnetics.

Our human soul is it a solo entity?
Or the thoughts you read in your mind?
Might IT be thinking through you? And me?

Just a mind warp I guess on the fundemental human driver I guess
When in balance the forces that are in our mind, our soul feel well balanced.
When out of balance? Mayhem ensues….
We are all capable of all emotions and all forms of expression.
Yet at its basic level?

Is God the light of love… More powerful than the destructive hell we call Satanic?

Your mind may read a new impulse on a moment
You may just see the answer clearly "-))
Light and love to whoever is attracted to this mind wondering thought "-)))

I’m not religious myself but I do believe in the power of the life force that we witness all around us. It never ceases to amaze me..and how can you deny an energy you can’t understand that is within your heart right now and pumping. While inside your mind there is a spark of electricity powering your brain and thoughts.

I just ponder the duality it shows us all each moment

Like its constantly attempting to find its own balance.
But it has indeed two modes of thought.
In most things.

As a universalist … It’s all there .. So I believe that it all exists..
Just wanna stay on the side of the light I guess "-))
Not that a disco is no fun "-))

This vid has some fun religious dogma gotta love some great bible quotes
To rock along the senses mmmm "-))

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