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Hello I’m here now you are too. Thanks for stopping by. Something brought you here for a reason. contact eon to buy original...


Lets face it we all or at least most of us want to make some cash from our work.
Captain HOOK has a pirate of an idea. E Bay draws in millions for lots of stuff. Many artists on the Bubble sell on E Bay. Would it be possible to have a site associated with Red Bubble ( via a simple click off the home page..where artists can sell a piece via auction.

A RED BUBBLE AUCTION !!!!! would potentially draw in buyers looking for deals. MORE BUYERS IS ALL WE REALLY NEED NOW..
The Bubble is getting plenty of talent loading up great works to show…Selling needs some promotion and a gimmick like an ART AUCTION may be a good gimmick to attract buyers. Just a thought for all to consider.

I’ll Donate one of my works to kick it off if the Bubble Machine Controllers are interested in setting up the mechanism.

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