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Box Hill Sth, Australia

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AMAZING CREATIVE HOMES - made with sea containers

To me there is something deeply wonderful
To live in a home made of sea containers ….
Rooms that have travelled the Planet hundreds of times.

The cost in Australia is Great

20’ft sea container $ 2000 that’s around $1700 us
40 ft sea container used = $ 4,000 ". $ 3400 ish.

Trucking them to a block of land?Around $ 700 for 70 miles from the wharf.

Stumps? $3000 should do

Or maybe rock or brick allow $2000
Solar panels $ 4000 inc. battery
Plumbing – basic $2000
Water tank – basic $2700 delivered.

Land? Priceless "-)). With a view please.

A great selection of Top End Design thoughts in this video… Be inspired…I Was

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