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Hello I’m here now you are too. Thanks for stopping by. it’s Possible something brought you here for a reason? – everything...

A Brief Note on Everything

I realized at some stage, as I think we all do eventually, that as humans in reality we each carry a code… a sought of shared adventure that is directly linked to every one of our ancestors.

Human DNA each and every one of us is part of a linked system called life that dates back across all of time from the begining to right now. Every one of us and all those that have carried life share in a link within a massive number of life links that stretch across all of time. Back and forward in time in fact it is life forever evolving We are the code of life living in the sea of time, Constant to date to this point, it might go for many forevers. Theres a thought.

We share a connection back to the very begining of time itself that stretches forward to what one day may be an end.

Our internal grow code has been passed over many many moons.That it survives to this day is testament that our creator put resilience in our nature, in our code.Its every thing that we can see, know and imagine.

Life eternal through all of us. That life and all of us are still here now. Is the Miracle.

We represent the best it could produce to this point in time. What ever you want to call it. We are the sum of its parts. Its there so I believe it. While life exists the spark is being carried forward. Earth is the special stage we get to develop upon.

We dont always treat it as we should, when you think it is all we actually have at this point in our evolution.

A human race at quite a pace within a sea of time and space. A part of the great scheme of all things we are.

Awesome really! My guess is that we are important to the entire thing. We must be. It put everyone of us here as a part of its everything.

Why I wonder? We all have asked at some point.

My guess,,,,We all get to experience what it does every minute of its existence. We are its witnesses.

Nature is our real teacher We have created enough nuclear fire power to blow ourselves out of the universe many times over. It showed us all its awesome power and ability for self destruction.

Life under the adversities of sustaining itself over time, has formed what we have become. Think the best and you will have it! I like that one.

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