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entelechy - the power of the future you.

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entelechy,  (from Greek entelecheia), in philosophy, that which realizes or makes actual what is otherwise merely potential. A vital force inherent within the existence, the actual being of an organic process. The growth naturally of fullest potential realised versus it’s potential.

The concept of Entelechy is intimately connected with Aristotle’s distinction between matter and form, or the potential and the actual. He analyzed each thing into the stuff or elements of which it is composed and the form which makes it what it is (see hylomorphism). The mere stuff or matter is not yet the real thing; it needs a certain form or essence or function to complete it. Matter and form, however, are never separated; they can only be distinguished.

Thus, in the case of a living organism, for example, the sheer matter of the organism (viewed only as a synthesis of inorganic substances) can be distinguished from a certain form or function or inner activity, without which it would not be a living organism at all; and this “soul” or “vital function” is what Aristotle in his De anima (On the Soul ) called the entelechy (or first entelechy) of the living organism.

Similarly, rational activity is what makes a man to be a man and distinguishes him from a brute animal. Meeting a Magical and Helpful Friend: Your Entelechy
The word Entelechy is an ancient Greek word which means “fully realized essence of a thing”.

Entelechy is way bigger and beyond our currently percieved potential.

Our entelechy is who we will be in our future.

Fully accessing our truest full potential and understanding it’s vital full potential completely actualized. Our entelechy is like who we are, as if we had already experienced 50,000 years of development work on ourselves.

We all come into the world with an entelechy of greatness built within our DNA.

The entelechy of a caterpillar is to be a butterfly. The entelechy of an acorn is to be an oak tree.

Our entelechy can and wants to help us! It is beckoning within our deepest knowing. Within that aspect of ourselves which we long to learn, to know to experience.

Meeting and befriending our personal entelechy can be profoundly helpful as we journey forward to find and live from our truest self, our fullest potential.

Here is a practice to help you connect, learn and grow from your deepest true entelechy.

Find a quiet comfortable place to be alone.

Close your eyes and imagine that standing in front of you is your future self, you as if you have had a million years to work on yourself. Imagine the most fulfilled and complete version of who you truly imagine you are.

Give yourself plenty of time to see your truest entelechy, with in your mind’s eye as clearly as you can.

Imagine all the details of what you look at including as much detail as you can imagine what you are wearing? What do you feel is the energy being shared by your truest deepest fulfilled self from a future time?

Imagine very clearly, exactly what you notice that your entelechy saying to you as you are looking at you in this future complete state, with so much love and compassion for you.

your full potential, your deepest entelechy self is self realised, it knows the secrets of your soul and the map to your destiny. Allow your entelechy to touch you in some way, perhaps you hold hands with your future self or they embrace you?

With this touch your entelechy is filling you now in this precise moment with energy and wisdom to be bold and courageous in going after your dreams. Feel the magic, clarity and power that your entelechy is filling you with.

When you feel complete thank your entelechy and know that it is already present now, within your very soul, opening doors for you to connect to the right people to manifest your greatest good.

Listen for a secret or a message your entelechy wants to share with you.

This message is giving you a secret to accessing all the magic and wisdom, the deepest knowing that lives inside of you.

What secret did you receive from your future self?

What wisdom can you take from the meeting of your fulfilled realised truest potential self in your future?

Take notes, Write about your insights and know you can access this magical friend whenever you need and want an extra powerful spark of entelechy insight!

Your Entelechy is your wisdom in motion, moment by moment.
its wisdom? is your highest knowing, it’s there its alive. All you need to do is calmly go to all it can share with you now in your thoughts, in your deepest feelings.

Your personal Entelechy? It knows you, it is You in a perfect place.

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