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What you won't see on the news tonight

australia today witnessed the chickens coming home to roost sadly.
In Islamic type? Took 30 people hostage in Sydney. Waved a black flag
With Allah script. The entire medi zoomed in.. ALL DAY.
The ISIs people want to conscript jehadists globally. To help fight for their cause.
Today? They will realize a gunman taking hostages in Australia..
Gets them global coverage for their cause? How much is this about
Properganga? On both sides? Sadly there are a lot of Moslem youth
In Australia and Britain and the USA that just might take the
Caliphate cause? Jehardist fight to local streets. In cities where
Millions of citizens didn’t agree with fighting a war in the mid east
In the first place "-((

More police control? More cameras? Metal detectors in the side walks?

Australia was in the coalition of the willing? That went to war in Afghanistan
Iraq to back the USA .. You know? For the weapons of mass
destruction that didn’t exist.
That war? Caused the death of a million people. It destroyed
Iraqi society as it was.. Sad dam was a weirdo.. But he managed
To keep his country together for a while.

But America sucked a lot of oil.. FOR 11 years.
While they searched for
Weapons of mass distraction? That didn’t exist.

The mess in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan ? Goes on still today. Very very sad and mad.
However you won’t see the news tonight saying Moslems are retaliating
Against the West that came and destroyed their society.. To steal oil
To torture people .

This event in Sydney? Sadly will usher in a new round of
Anti terror laws in Australia. More police surveillance of the country
More excuses for propaganda to push for Australia to go back to Iraq
To help the USA bomb some more for how many years.

Disenchanted Australian Moslem youth will see that if you go
In an Australian city.. You will get on the news all day and become a tin pot celebratie

Who knows what’s next? But fighting in forkegn wars? Wars that have no justifacation?
For 10 years? Kinda leads to Agro globally.

When will it ever end? After all, it’s only semantic games played by parasites that claim to justify the amoral activities of the predator state.

Think about it.
The whole global Corporate pyramid predator parasite scheme is built on a mountain of bullshit that is endorsed – and enforced – by more force against the victims of Bullshit Mountain.

The strategy being played here is to saturate people with so much bullshit, they will be spending all their time spinning their wheels trying to comprehend what is truly a waste of their time – because it’s bullshit to begin with.

Everything the international banking Predator Corporation state does is a scheme or a fraud designed to control or manipulate someone or something, for the purpose of stealing stuff that does not belong to them.

“Americans brits Australians etc..live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

We exist in an international bankers predator state where every operational system of the predator state is purposely designed to fleece the many of everything they have – for the profit of a few scumbag predators who designed the fleecing state.
We live in a giant Ponzi scheme.

The Ponzi scheme victims, pundits, and useless parasite politicians spend their time trying to figure out, gloss over, hide, explain away or justify the mountain of bullshit, by building another mountain of bullshit that justifies the first.

Meanwhile, the predator parasites continue to strip mine, steal, or hi-jack every area of our existence, while we listen to the amoral predators explain away their actions with more bullshit.

Recently, the professional predator parasite gang from
Bullshit Mountain who call themselves Politacal leaders in the USA
assigned trillions more dollars of derivative debt accumulated by their bankster owners, onto the backs of their favorite predatory victims – the taxpayers – who had already been fleeced of everything they own by the very same gang.

Yet, we still allow the criminal predator gang members of Politics to continue on their merry way, to parasite another day? In all major “Free Countries?”

Are we stupid, insane, or just plain crazy? Are we gluttons for punishment and self abuse? Or we actually believe the Murdoch press that delivers
Papers and global media for the global banksters?

There is something very wrong here, because we are still here listening to the bullshit, and hoping for a change that will never come unless…The people of the “FREE WORLD” wise up and start demanding intelligent policy and emphasis
On people globally… Not profit.

God bless a merry car and advance Australia Where?

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