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I’ve always had an aversion to Facebook
After seeing the movie about its creation?
It was made on malice. Built under deception.
It’s made for Virtual Reality… A kind I am not partial to.
Friends? On Facebook? That’s an oxy moron.

By contrast there is ow a new Phenominon starting to take hold Globally.
It’s called Meet Up
Google it
You will most likely find a meet up operation in your area.
It’s about people getting out and Meeting like Minded others
Actually meeting other humans with simar tastes and interests.
I’ve joined several meet up groups
There’s tons to choose from.

I just joined Left of Centre in Melbourne.

Here the link


Just thought I’d offer it up as a resource.
Living virtually is so passé "-))

Meeting “Real People” that’s what life is about.
Don’t you think?

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