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"What if WE ARE NOT ALONE ?"

This is Truly one of the best presentations on the subject of extra Terrestials
The UFO phenomenon is a present reality. Over 50% of the Humans on eARTh
Believe there are others who share life, others not of this planet.
So if you think there is something in the concept? YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR THINKING. This is a Great Film… I hope you can find the Time to Enjoy it.

‘The Day Before Disclosure’ is 
a film, documenting the growing 
awareness and the build-up to 
what can potentially be the single, 
most important event in human 
history — the day the UFO and ET 
presence becomes a worldwide, 
accepted reality.

Terje Toftenes founded “New 
Paradigm Films” in 2006, as a 
result of his long interest in the 
fields of new science, spirituality, 
UFOs and philosophy. 

He is an award-winning filmmaker 
with a background at the Norwegian 
Broadcasting Corporation. 

His vision is to build a catalog of 
informative high-quality films, giving 
firsthand insight in the topics of the 
new paradigm, as this is the greatest 
story in human history.

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