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Did You See what the Moon Did Today?

LUNAR TRANSIT OF THE SUN  Earlier today, the Moon eclipsed the sun. No one on Earth saw it.   The “lunar transit” was only visible from space.Every year, SDO - NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory observes multiple lunar transits. This one, lasting almost 2.5 hours, was the longest in the history of the spacecraft’s 4 year mission.

SDO recorded the whole thing from the geosynchronous orbit. Also, a STRONG M-FLARE Big sunspot AR1967 unleashed a strong M6-class solar flare on January 30th.


The explosion, which may be seen at the end of this movie of today’s solar eclipse, hurled a CME into space.

Radio emissions from shock waves preceding the CME suggest that it could be leaving the sun faster than 2100 km/s (4.7 million mph). What a huge significant event.


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