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Hello I’m here now you are too. Thanks for stopping by. it’s Possible something brought you here for a reason? – everything...


Ill pop a link below of a religious nutter explaining “All about his God”

This entity eon believes in the wonder of life
Eon lives the beauty in everything

Try this idea for a second

Each religion has billions of followers
So much BS is spread in the name of religion.
How many deaths have occurred on this planet in the name of the major religions?
Billions dead
Billions who were alive one day then the next
Dead.. Because some religious nutter felt “Their God” gave them the right
To take a life.

Try this

Next time you have a few heart felt words with what ever you call the life force
Forget all the rhetoric you have been taught.

Just walk up to the door of heaven in your mind
Knock till the door opens
Then see the receptionist there
Just say I’d like a Word with God.

If asked what religion you are?
Try suggesting
I just love God, I appreciate all the wonders in creation.

Then sit in the waiting room till your called in.
Then imagine your at the Big Desk
Opposite is the God You imagine

Then try sims putting your case to the “Great Spirit”
Lay out your beliefs
Explain your thinking
Your feelings.

See what answers you get.

My suggestion is don’t go with any ticket offered by JC
Or Buddah or Mohamed or Einstein
Just front up in your very own “Soul Suit”

See what wisdom your tiny beautiful soul is offered when you get there
When you drop all else.

It works for me.

All religions to me suck on details.
They are all simply insurance companies
Attempting to sell their eternal life insurance programs.

The issuer of eternal life has many reps
In many disguises
Preists ? How many children have they raped really?
Rabbis? How many money lenders have they endorsed
Each religion has its holy folks

But really ? Truly
The life force is in your body
It’s invisible
It’s your soul

What if that soul you really are is already an agent for the Big Spirit?
You just may need some instruction from the Source of your creation.
I can’t Fear God
I love the Big Spirit myself "-))

I’m just soooooo over all these human types
With all their pre historic rhetoric
Their built in history of corruption
Human manipulations
Horror stories
Satanic BS
Fairy Tales of history.

It’s alive
It’s the force behind every moment
It’s in your body right now
Running on auto
It’s making you breath
It’s making your heart beat
It’s allowing you to think
To feel
To exist in time and space

Or do you think you control every one of your body functions in manual?
Your on auto pilot right?

Just for a sec consider dropping ALL YOUR FEARS


Or stay stuck I the BS

It’s your choice.. Free Will
And an ability to know all you are capable of
That comes built into your operating system "-))

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