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Hello I’m here now you are too. Thanks for stopping by. it’s Possible something brought you here for a reason? – everything...

The confusion that develops when life is over anylized.

Ego? Subconscious super counciousness, higher self,
Soul? Mind? Gee whiz how many things are broken down and used to describe elements of what “We Are” ??

I think it’s gotten a bit out of control really.
Try this on for size?

Imagine you just arrived on eARTh .. A little bundle of fun
Skin bones chubby gooey .. After swilling about inside your mum for 9 months .

Pop!!! You arrived. Now how vomit aged were you?
You were of course perfect in every natural way.
Now days you buy a computer and it’s delivered with the fundementwl operating systems built in right? That’s a copy of what life did with you organically.
Which is the more superior operating system ? MMMMM

THEN YOU GOT BIGGER..you were fed housed clothed taught
Shown all the things you needs to know about these here 3 dimensions.
Now.. Think about how much time in your life that you have spoken to yourself?
I mean your mind has functioned non stop since the first moment your heart started pun ping right? You have spoken several trillion words every year
But how many words have you uttered to yourself internally?
Billions upon billions I bet.

My point ?
Your a holistic being
A single package
Created on an organic platform called a body with a soul
It’s made for these 3 dimensions. You have operating software built in organically that enables you to do more than Tou even realize .. It shows often shows up when your relaxed and when it’s needed ..

The level of complication capability is really near endless.
You have worked it out across all your life to this here very moment.

The over analysis of this life and living process is reaching stratospheric levels.
What’s the benifit been really ?

My point is that breaking everything up into categories
Giving all elements of who you are names reasons neurosis
The name game the pshyco bs is just boredom eating itself to me really.

We are what we are… Our basic capabilities are human
We get more of what we focus upon we have a drive system that’s brilliant
Yep we think
Yep we care for survival of self and those we love. We have to live with other people
Functioning with others? We just know what works and what doesn’t.

Did Dr. Freud have a great life ? I hope he did.. He really got hung up on his mum I guess?
Did the people at the mc kinsey lab have a fun life? Working out the functions of human sexuality ? Did their research help or hinder us all ?

Do all the doctors stuffing about with mind altering drugs? Are they really making
The world a better happier place to be for us all ?

Golly the brain game of attempting to but out every process
Every reason every new name given for a map function that then gets a big pharma drug to cure it ?

How did humanity make it from year dot to here? Over 13 billion years of evolution
Not one doctor, not one physiologist not one rocket scientist.
But hey we all made it right?

The sims knowings are fundemental.
The complications these days are just nuts.

My thought? Keep it simple . Your a multi functional organic life form
Imagine it’s all working properly
How it should be working. Over anylizing EVERYTHING ?
It’s nuts.. Go with the flowwwww.. Believe each moment that the operating directives your capable of?? They will just kick in and deliver the ideal outcome.
Think Auto pilot kinda… Manual over ride ??? It’s for the doubting Thomas’s of the world .

Here’s an example of the manner many attempt to tag every individual operation of being? ????


Keep it Simple … Use the force "-)) its also easier when you do "-))

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