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Hello I’m here now you are too. Thanks for stopping by. it’s Possible something brought you here for a reason? – everything...

This is a call to Aussie Bubblers for a Healthy Assist

The Australian government are considering tinkering with the existing health care laws
They are about to take away the rights for some existing Health practitioners who are
Qualified Natropaths .. "-((

See this e mail it will explain and it provides a link to sign a petition too … if you feel inclined . I did as I think BIG PHARMA already has too much domination of the health care system "-)) this was sent to me by a friend in the industry…

I have been sent the following email and believe that it is very important to stop Government interference   – not only for the expansion of health knowledge, but also to maintain our rights.

The more health choices we have, the better (after all we are adults and can make our own decisions).

There are only 8 days left before the opportunity to comment on the TGA’s proposal closes. If passed, the legislation will mean that Naturopaths will not be able to prescribe therapeutic goods (I.e. Practitioner only products) – even when they have a Science Degree!  Thus the public will lose the expertise of Naturopaths prescribing these supplements safely & successfully, which they have done for decades. 

We have gained almost 2000 signatures within 2 days, and momentum is growing exponentially.  Every signature sends an email to Tanya Plibersek, Federal Minister for Health, and to the TGA.  Please also send this email and the link to your friends; your input is greatly appreciated.

Here’s the link to sign


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